Dry Mouth During Pregnancy

Dry Mouth During Pregnancy


Dry Mouth and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the one period in woman’s life, when her body requires especially close attention and serious attitude. During pregnancy future mom’s body is functioning more intensively than before and the so the stress on woman’s internal organs increases too. This can often lead to hormonal system malfunction. That’s why a woman begins to experience various uncomfortable dryness that she has never felt before.

A certain discomfort is often a reaction of woman’s body to her pregnant state. Some symptoms that were uncommon before can cause an unpleasant dryness. Though, many of these symptoms are quite natural and don’t cause any harm to pregnant woman and her future baby. They are just a sign that woman’s body behaves in a certain way during pregnancy. However, some symptoms can indeed scare woman. In that case you should consult your doctor immediately.

Mouth dryness often appears during pregnancy but isn’t considered normal. Experience shows that many pregnant woman complain about more active mouth salivation. If you notice such an unusual symptom, inform your doctor immediately: he will examine you and prescribe all necessary treatment. If the treatment is prescribed on time, you will get rid of the illness in its early stage.

Possible Causes of Mouth Dryness

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Mouth dryness during pregnancy can be a sign of a diabetes. The diabetes appears because of the hormonal failure or the genetic predisposition: if someone in pregnant woman’s family suffered from this illness before, she may have it too. That’s why you should be especially attentive to all the changes happening in your body and to inform the doctor about them as soon as possible. When you are assigned to a doctor, always tell him whether they were cases of diabetes in your family. The doctor will prescribe a special examination to find out if you have diabetes too and in worst-case scenario will start treating it.

If you start noticing periodical mouth dryness, try to prevent it at any cost, because it can lead to dehydration. Increase the amount of liquid you drink to maximal permitted extent that is approved by the medical science. Woman’s body is stressed a lot during pregnancy: that’s why you have to drink more than before, because the blood flow intensifies too, requiring an additional amount of water.

Toxicosis affect pregnant woman’s state in a bad way too. It causes diarrhea and vomiting that lead to a serious dehydration. So if the toxicosis progresses, you need to start treating it as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t rid of it completely, you’ll at least be able to reduce the intensity of its symptoms.

The use of certain medications can cause mouth dryness too. The doctors usually prescribe medicine for pregnant women: this medicine is normally harmless, but can cause mouth dryness as a side effect. If you notice this effect, inform your doctor immediately: in most cases he will prescribe you another medicine that won’t cause this effect.

It is known that hormonal system malfunctions can be very dangerous: they can cause metabolic diseases, which can lead to the malfunctions of the whole body. That’s why doctors usually recommend to visit the clinic on time and to not skip your regular examinations.

Oral Hygiene

It is necessary to stick to your oral hygiene routines: if you do them often, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of mouth dryness appearance. Water your mouth often, preserving gums and teeth from dryness. And always remember that it’s important to monitor your state during pregnancy and to eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible. If you treat illness in its early stage, it’ll be more effective and safe both for you and for your future child. Remember that you’re not alone anymore – there’s one more person inside of you and you have to monitor all the changes in your body and to treat all illnesses on time if you want this another little person to be healthy.

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