Complications Of Pregnancy

Complications Of Pregnancy


Common Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy complications occur during gestation or birth itself. Some of them are very dangerous for life and health of the mother and her baby. How to avoid them? When a woman knows what complications can occur during pregnancy, it is necessary to do as much as possible to avoid them. Do not worry: in most cases, the risk of having complications is significantly reduced due to the medical monitoring of pregnancy, as well as the woman’s wish to give birth to a healthy baby.

Complications of Pregnancy: The Age of the Expectant Mother

The optimal age for the first pregnancy is from 18-19 years (the puberty time) to 25 years. Young pregnant women under 18 often have problems with uterine blood flow and blood pressure. In addition, the risk of preterm birth is much higher than that of other mothers. Women older than 35 years are at risk of developing complications of pregnancy. The older the mother, the higher is the likelihood of miscarriage and development of genetic disorders. However, if a pregnant woman treats herself well and have a good health, her pregnancy may occur as well as in 20 years.

Pregnancy Complications While Taking Stimulants

Nicotine, alcohol and drugs can cause irreparable damage not only to the mother, but also to the baby, increasing the risk of diseases and complications during pregnancy and birth.

Chronic Diseases

Kidney diseases, cardiovascular system diseases and diabetes increases the risk of complications during pregnancy and birth. If a mother, for example, has a heart disease, thyroid disease or high blood pressure, it is necessary to discuss it before planning a pregnancy with gynecologist and therapist. Experts will prescribe an individual treatment plan for the period before and during pregnancy. Chronic infections also require the development of an individual approach to minimize the risks for both mother and child.

The Gestation of Twins

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If you have twins, pregnancy complications may occur in 5-10 times higher than in normal pregnancy. A woman pregnant with twins can have more opportunities to give birth to healthy children: the doctors can put special joints on the cervix or a silicone ring that prevents premature cervical dilatation.

Pregnancy Complications: Other Factors

If a woman has had a miscarriage or stillbirth, she has to plan a new pregnancy with great caution. The same should do women who had in cesarean surgery. Doctors believe that childbirth and abortion are undesirable for the next 2-3 years after abdominal surgery. In the first case, the scar cannot be completely formed on increasing uterus, so complications can arise again. If abortion occurs, the danger of perforation of the uterus can appear. Incompatibility of Rh factor is also a pregnancy complication. During the first visit to the doctor, women are examined to determine their Rh factor and blood groups. Read more in the article "Rhesus-conflict: causes and effects."

Pregnancy Complications: Effects

Have the doctors revealed abnormalities indicating the possible complications during non-invasive studies? In this case, they usually advise a woman to make some invasive tests. They will obtain samples of cells and tissues of the embryo, fetus and provisory organs (placenta and its membranes), followed by the study of these materials. Nowadays, the following invasive methods are used all over the world: chorion and placental biopsy, obtaining amniotic fluid (amniocentesis), fetal tissue biopsy, taking fetal blood (cordocentesis). Since they are associated with a certain risk (although it is small) for the child's health, doctors advise to resort to them in case of a reasonable suspicion.

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