Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Pregnancy Test


How Accurate are Clearblue Pregnancy Tests

The pharmaceutical market today offers a large number of modern products that allow to confirm pregnancy without any professional help. These tests help to quickly and accurately diagnose pregnancy already in the first weeks without visiting a clinic and doing laboratory tests.

Despite the high sensitivity of this product and the ease of its use, about one-quarter of women who use it have difficulties in determining the results of the test. Some are being misled with the intense colour of a special strip that can be perceived as a positive result of the test.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Digital pregnancy tests are designed in order to avoid erroneous conclusions and get absolutely accurate results. After analysing the urine sample, "+" appears on the display of the device if the result is positive and "-" if it is negative. The chemical reaction occurs within three minutes during the analysis of the urine sample. Finally, the result appears on the display and this information remains unchanged, while in average pregnancy test the strip may change color as it dries.

The test result is stored on the device display during one day. The Clearblue digital pregnancy test is the most popular today. It gives the result which is up to 99 percent accurate on the first day of the delayed period. This test is able to recognise the chorionic gonadotropin in the urine four days before the planned period. If the test is done at the earliest stage, then, in order to confirm the result, it is recommended to double-check again a few days later.

Pregnancy Test Device

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The case of the device is a container to which a special cartridge with the urine sample is inserted. The information obtained from the cartridge is digitally processed inside the case, and can be displayed on a computer via the special connector. The test result is displayed on a black and white display of the device.

The kit comes with 20 removable test cartridges that are used to accurately determine the level of luteinizing hormone and chorionic gonadotropin. If the result is positive, the test can additionally show the duration of pregnancy in weeks and calculate the date of delivery. In case of a negative result some tests also calculate the most favourable days for the future conception.

The operating principle of the Clearblu digital pregnancy test is similar. Reusable test systems allow you to quickly and conveniently get an unambiguous result and double-check it if necessary, without having to visit the nearest pharmacy again.

How to Take a Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

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