Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Chiropractic During Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Chiropractic

A period of bearing a baby for a woman is, in its essence, a physiological state. But with the nowadays urbanization and spoilt habitat combined with factors of subjective pathological impact pregnancy often puts the mother’s health under threat.

And it is not only lifestyle full of stress and labor and rest schedule disorders that have a negative effect. The harm comes from where it was not expected to. An early beginning of sex life, a trend of high heels, a total young ladies’ spine curvature, excessive or insufficient body weight – all this forms a background for a pathological course of pregnancy.

Pathology may display itself in all kinds of ways. Edematous syndrome is the most common one. Many doctors relate it to impairments of the renal system work, which becomes unable to handle an increased load because of a larger amount of blood in circulation. However, there are more threatening reasons behind such state. It is lymphatic fluid and blood stagnation in remote body parts, such as arms and legs. You should not exclude renal pathology though. Regular urine testing will help detect protein in this physiological fluid in time.

Manual therapy helps handle edematous syndrome during pregnancy. An experienced expert, with no harm done, does a lymphatic drainage massage. This type of therapy helps avoid lymphatic fluid and its effusion in soft tissues. It restores normal blood circulation. Swelling disappears. The pregnant woman’s overall well-being improves.

Pain Relieving

Manual therapy is used for relieving pain in the spine and pelvis. During this period, in the woman’s organism total changes happen, which are regulated by hormones. It is forbidden to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is dangerous for the developing fetus’s health and life. Anyway, you must implement some measures, because sometimes pain can cause sensible suffering.

Let us try to see how manual therapy helps during pregnancy in case of pelvic or spinal pathologies. So, as the pregnant uterus grows and rises, a gradual softening of pelvic bones happens, and the cavity they form expands. It affects your posture, spine position, and hip joints. Compression of internal abdominal organs occurs.

It all can lead to serious impairments. For example, if a woman’s back muscles are not physically developed, the compression load on lumber spine and sacrum increases significantly. There can be nerve roots destruction, protrusions, such as anulus fibrosus protrusion, and so on. Posture disorders occur and cause blood vessels compression and venous blood stagnation in pelvic cavity. It is fraught with appearance of hemorrhoids, constipations, and gastric and intestinal dysfunctions.

By the way, renal pathology is also very often may be a consequence of kidney displacement and urine filtration process disorder.

Pelvic and knee joints are exposed to an even more negative impact. Their internal projection changes and the femoral heads slightly turn to lateral edges due to the pelvic cavity expansion. The ligaments stretch, which can cause pain, numbness, and blood flow disorder in the lower limbs. That is why pregnant women so often have varicose veins in their lower limbs.

Manual therapy help avoid all these pathologies in pregnancy. It directly affects the cause of pain. So, it eliminates pain syndrome safely and quickly. Later on, the doctor takes therapeutic measures for relapse prevention. Preparations for delivery process take place.

Indications and Contraindications for Manual Therapy in Pregnancy

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Indications for manual therapy in pregnancy may be:

  • lack of sufficient physical preparedness of the woman's organism for her pregnancy;
  • early and late toxidrome, which cannot be eliminated with usual methods;
  • pain in pelvic and vertebral column area;
  • pain in large joints;
  • edematous syndrome;
  • high blood pressure;
  • stress caused by the fear of the upcoming parturition.

There are no contraindications for manual therapy in pregnancy whatsoever. But there is one aspect – the doctor has to have a certificate which confirms his corresponding qualifications. Manual therapy in pregnancy is a special sphere where not even the smallest risk for the woman's or her future child's health is allowed. You must be especially careful if there is a risk of miscarriage or of premature birth. Do not attend chiropractor if you have suspicions of placental detachment.

Manual Therapy Impact During Pregnancy

In conclusion, let us say a few words about the effect of manual therapy on the woman’s organism in pregnancy. We have already noted above that chiropractic influence enhances blood circulation, and lowers the risk of intrauterine complications due to lymph stagnation. Also, with a properly designed program, the woman gets rid of pain syndromes and pathological fear before delivery.

There are preparations for parturition made with special sets of exercises. During the process of exercising the muscular frame which supports the vertebral column gets stronger. It eliminates the risk of spine curvature, of herniated intervertebral disc, and of the hip joints dysplasia.

Video: Pregnant Woman Chiropractic Adjustment Demonstration by Austin Chiropractor Care

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