Cervical Mucus During Early Pregnancy

Cervical Mucus During Early Pregnancy

Cervical Mucus in Early Pregnancy

The moment a spermatozoid meets an ovum is the moment of a new life conceiving. In order for a spermatozoid to reach its goal it needs to go through a lot of obstacles on its way. All organism of a woman takes part in the process of conceiving. It is tuned so that the meeting of a spermatozoid and the ovum took place.

A woman’s uterus contracts so that to get a man’s sexual cell to its final goal. But these contractions are not enough for a spermatozoid to be moved in the direction of the goal. A supporting function in this process is carried out by transparent mucous that is emitted by vagina. Every healthy woman notices these emissions that look like transparent liquid. This is normal and it proves that your organism works the way it should be working.

The mucous itself is produced by glands that are located inside the uterus. It is emitted in all cases: in case of young and mature women and in case of pregnant women. The neck of the uterus and the uterus itself are covered with mucous that protects inner sexual organs of a woman from getting infected. It also acts as a lubrication for the time when you have sex or during the process of labor. It is normal if the mucous is transparent or a bit whitish. It shouldn’t have any smell and it is emitted in small amounts.

The intensity of the mucous emission is different during different stages of your periods cycle. For example, the beginning of the cycle is characterized by more abundant discharges. This continues till the middle of the cycle. During this period, the mucous may be more stringy in consistency. This is for a reason. During this time, a woman's organism welcomes spermatozoids and therefore there is mucous that can help a spermatozoid to get to its goal. Starting from the middle of the cycle, the mucous becomes more stringy, it may change its colour and the amount of the discharges may change. Hormones are responsible for all the processes connected with the emission of the mucous, a change in the amount of the emissions and consistency.

What Does Cervical Mucus During Early Pregnancy Look Like

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During the first half of the cycle, an increased emission of transparent mucous occurs. A woman’s organism is optimally tuned so that the conceiving can occur. For all these things estrogen is responsible. As for the second half of the cycle, there progesterone becomes responsible. It slows down the emission of mucous. Therefore, the sperm can’t move as easily as it did. However, both hormones are very important for an organism to function the way it should be functioning.

During the pregnancy, there is a real peak in hormones’ splash. Hormones influence everything in an organism including the emission of mucous. During the first trimester the way it is during the first half of the cycle, estrogen is responsible for everything. Its amount in the organism of a woman increases sharply. This way an intensive emission of transparent mucous is provoked. This is the time when the so-called mucous plug is being formed. Its aim is to protect the fetus from various infections that may get into the vagina of a woman. Starting from the middle of the second trimester, there is less mucous and may not be so transparent.

The organism of a pregnant woman is unpredictable. There is a complete rearrangement of the organism under the influence of a number of hormones going on. Taking this into account, we should say that the emissions mat not always be the way they are described above. For example, if the hormones are highly active, the amount of emissions may increase sharply. In this case, you need to pay attention to its smell. It should be neutral or there shouldn’t be any smell at all. If there is too much mucous, sanitary towels are used. Tampons are excluded since they may provoke the mucous plug getting out. If it happens, the risk of the infection getting into the reproductive tracts increases.

You may think all this over and make your own conclusions. Mucous in case of pregnancy shouldn’t have a keen scent. There may be some colour. However, it shouldn’t cause itching and burning. If all these unpleasant things are not present, then, the transparent mucous acts only as a protector for you and your baby.


  • BarBie Stone says:

    I am 33 Weeks and 2days pregnant and during oral intercourse my boyfriend found a very small amount of clear stringy mucus like discharge I just want to know should I be aware of labor coming soon ?? I had my first child at 37 weeks and I’m Worried to death … I’ve googled some pics and it seems that this is normal & most women get this and it’s simply just discharge please let me know your thoughts or concerns on this matter thank youL♡VE: BarBie

  • adelaide says:

    I had my period on 6th October and it ended on 10th October and I had sex on 12th October which is two days later. But he did not ejaculate. I’ve missed my period for seven days .plsss could it be that I’m pregnant?

  • Rupa says:

    I had protected sex with my partner on my last day my periods on last month and now I missed my period for 3 days and I have no symptoms to get periods is there any chance to get pragnancy

  • jackline says:

    I am one week gone and nausea is killing can anyone get nausea even when the PMS is around the corner

  • Michelle says:

    Hi lady’s can some one tell me what is. Clear and sticky discharge mean

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