Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?


What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant From Precum

Nowadays medicine regularly comes up with new methods of contraception. All that’s required from couples is to choose. More often, couples refuse using the easiest and free of charge method of contraception that is the interruption of coitus. This is how it usually works: a man takes his penis out of the vagina not long before the ejaculation happens.

You know that, in this case, spermatozoid doesn’t get into the ovum. Consequently, the conceiving doesn’t happen. The couple that actively use this method in order to prevent the occurrence of an unwanted pregnancy very often consult gynecologists on the following question: “Whether it is possible to get pregnant if a man’s precum gets into you?”

Kinds of a Man Precum

When answering on this popular question, to be more exact, when telling how exactly this may happen, we will have to speak about physiology and anatomy. So, there are two kinds of precum: a preejaculate (a so-called lubricant) and smegma.

  • Pre-ejaculate appears when penis is already in its aroused state. It looks like a transparent liquid. This kind of lubricant contains a number of spermatozoids. That’s why it is quite possible to get pregnant. Consequently, this method of contraception is not the safest and the best for the couples that don’t want to have any children yet. Even if you had sex the first time and used such means of contraception as a condom, for example, but then, after sometime, you had sex again but without a condom, that means that there is a possibility to get pregnant. If you don’t want to have any children yet, each time you have sex you should be protected. It should be also noted that if the interval between the time you had sex previously and the current coitus is not big, the possibility to get pregnant increases. This is because you only need one spermatozoid to get into ovum and you’ll conceive.
  • The second kind of a man’s precum that appears during having sex is smegma. It is of white colour and has a not very pleasant smell. Both, women and men, have smegma. A man’s smegma is a mixture of a died off epithelial tissue and a foreskin sebaceous humour and moisture. It may accumulate on the edge of a purple helmet. For sure, you can’t get pregnant because of smegma.

Getting Pregnant Because of Precum: Why and How?

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Firstly, there is a number of spermatozoids in the pre – ejaculate because of which you’re able to conceive. This kind of lubricant starts excreting from the very moment when penis gets into an aroused state during having sex. That’s why it is possible to get pregnant because of a man’s precum, even though the possibility is low. This is exactly the reason why the majority of gynecologists is against such a means of contraception as the interruption of coitus.

Secondly, after the ejaculation, there may be some percent of spermatozoids left in the male urethra. Besides, there may be precum left on the penis. In case you have sex for the second time, these spermatozoids can easily get into the vagina, especially if a man hasn’t taken a shower after you had sex for the first time. In other words, there is a higher possibility to get pregnant during the second and following time when you may have sex if you don’t have a shower between them. Thirdly, an interrupted coitus may be quite dangerous not only for a reason of getting pregnant because of precum.

For every man this delicate case is not that easy… You shouldn’t think that catching the right moment before the ejaculation occurs is quite simple. Besides, keeping that in mind doesn’t give a man an opportunity to relax and get pleasure from the process of having sex. Even if a man is quite good at catching that very moment, there is still a possibility to get pregnant because spermatozoids on hands and bed linen can easily get into vagina. Do not forget that a spermatozoid’s term of life is approximately 3 days.

Every gynecologist confirms that getting pregnant because of precum is possible. Possibly, everyday gynecologists send women that do not plan yet to give birth to a child to make an abortion. This happens because these women are mistaken when considering a coitus interruption to be a safe means of contraception. It is true that very many couples use it as a means of contraception, However, it proves to misfire in approximately 50 % of cases with young and healthy couples.

This is not the most dangerous thing to happen. It may be much more dangerous if such means of contraception is used by the couples where one of the partners is infected and this infection may be passed to the second partner while they are having sex. In such like cases, condom is the safest way to protect oneself.

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