Breasts After Pregnancy

Breasts After Pregnancy


Breasts Before and After Pregnancy

How to keep breasts after the labor and subsequent feeding? This issue is relevant for each woman, who was lucky to become a mother. The body weight gain in the period of a child bearing and the further baby feeding take a heavy toll on women's breasts. One can keep one's breasts after the labour in superior form if one adheres to some rules. But first things first.

Postpartum Breastfeeding

Each child needs breastfeeding since the first minutes of his life. Therefore, it is worth discarding immediately all myths on the fact that it destructively affects condition of the breast and that the breast milk can be insufficient for a baby, therefore, supplements must be added. Everything must be done wisely. If one can consult about the rules of breastfeeding (what one should eat, what diet should be complied with) with a doctor, the woman must care herself of her breasts` condition.

Breasts begin to grow already before the moment of the birth of a baby, from the first days after a conception. One is not to wear the brassieres, which you wore before pregnancy. Although, the acquisition of new underwear will turn out to be a spending matter, breasts must feel comfortable, especially, in the feeding period.

Why can breasts change in the period of baby feeding? It happens because of poorly developed skin musculature and sluggishness. And, the good shape of breasts depends on flexibility and rightness of the mammary gland location. Because it is situated on the thin layer of fat. Therefore, it is important to care of the breasts` musculature in order to preserve it in a good shape. Keep a check on an ideal bearing.

One needs to learn to correctly feed the baby. It is not worth shortening this process. Let the baby eat as much as he needs. Do it in a maximally comfortable posture. It is best to breastfeed the baby in lying position. Thus, the breasts` muscles are subjected to lower load. It is not worth pumping out milk with hands. The child does not traumatize breasts` muscles while feeding, but pumping out destructively affects them. For a small difference in size of mammary glands, one should take care to ensure their milk supply is approximately equal.

Why Do Breasts Hang Down and What Should One Do With it?

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Many women face this issue after breastfeeding. Pendulous breast occurs because of swelling of mammary glands in the pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Laziness plays a large role in the case of sagging breast as well. The woman just does not want to spend time for care of herself and physical activity.

One can prevent sagging, adhering to the following rules:

  1. Always hold bearing. One needs to walk and sit with one's straight back, thus, the circulation of blood will not be compromised.
  2. Select a correct brassiere. It must have special pads intended for feeding and wide straps. Breasts` support needs the latter ones.
  3. It is not worth forgetting about the active lifestyle. Physical activity will not allow the breasts to hang down.
  4. Before a break for the night, try to empty both breasts in order not to sprain one of them more than the other one.

About Pains in Breasts

Sometimes it happens that breasts of the feeding mother begin to ache. One can not ignore this phenomenon. Although, many young mothers do not pay attention to it, believing these unpleasant feelings will soon pass off by themselves. However, if necessary steps are not taken, the implications can be very serious. Most often breasts` pains of feeding women appear, when disturbance of the breastfeeding process occurs.

The most prevalent lactation disorders are:

  • Hormone imbalances are frequently observed in the first feeding days, they can arise due to a number of other reasons: stress, alcohol intake, a cold. The milk, which a child is not able to suck in fully, starts to be produced instead of colostrum. The woman's breasts stiffen strongly, the temperature rises. One should better immediately tell the physician about this, because mastitis can be the complication.
  • Sometimes pains appear because of the breast induration, which only increases subsequently. The untimely measures lead to the development of suppurative mastitis.
  • Breasts can ache because of cracks on nipples. Infections can hit the organism through them. All these situations require visiting a doctor.

Keep and Tighten One`s Breasts After the Labor

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  1. One can retain the shape of the breasts after the labor, during and after the breastfeeding, if one follows tips given below.
  2. Choose a bra exactly of your size.
  3. The pectoral nutrition is also important. Make nutritious masks and apply creams regularly.
  4. One needs to wear a brassiere round the clock (in the 3rd trimester and in the feeding period).
  5. The milk must not stagnate.
  6. Do the breasts` massage.
  7. Eat healthy food, having excluded rich and fried food, food stuffs with preservatives.

How to Fight Against Stretch Marks?

Child Feeding

Excesses weight gains affect destructively the condition of the breast after the labor. In normal state, the breast consists of 75 % of the glandular tissue and of 25 % of the adipose tissue. In the period of child bearing, the glandular tissue begins to grow actively. Thus, the likelihood of stretch marks appearance increases. And what will happen, if the adipose tissue will start to grow actively together with the glandular one? Therefore, one is not to take more than 10-15 kilograms for the entire period of pregnancy.

In the opinion of cosmeticians, one can remove negative consequences within the first 9 months after the birth of a child. The same one relates to stretch marks as well. It is important not to be lazy and give oneself, at least, a little attention.

  1. Contrast shower (cold/hot one alternately) does wonders. It improves the microcirculation of blood, with which it enhances the elasticity of the skin. The breast massage with a washcloth with the help of specialized shower gels will give an additional effect. One needs to dry oneself with a Turkish towel after taking a shower.
  2. Many women use creams against stretch marks, but they are effective only for purposes of prophylaxis. Ethereal and natural oils are a great way of struggle against stretch marks. In diluted form they can be applied to problematic areas of the skin, one may use them as compresses and add to a bath.
  3. Natural scrub. If there are no any stretches yet, one can use it once a week. With an appearance of stretches, one needs to use it more frequently. It is prepared in the following way: the sediment from instant ground coffee is mixed with sour cream or cream. The received mass is applied on the skin and the massage in clockwise order is done.

Breasts Massage

The massage will help to restore breasts after the labor. The talk is about a self-massage. It allows the blood to come more strongly in the breasts, which contributes to the improvement of their exterior.

  1. The cream for a massage (oil, vaseline) is applied to the hand. One needs to start to draw circular motions around the nipple with a hand.
  2. Squeeze each breast accurately.
  3. Imagine as if you are playing the piano. One needs to sweep over the breasts with such motions slowly.
  4. Massage the breast without pressure with the help of a special wooden bolster.

Is a Plastic Breast Surgery Necessary?

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If measures are not taken on time, after lactation, breasts can become like deflate balloons. One can opt for the help of a plastic surgeon. However, this method is considered the most radical. One needs to deal with an operation after all. Its impact of woman`s state is unknown. Such pleasure costs much: from 2000 to 5000 $. In addition, it is important to make sure the surgeon to whom you plan to address has a sufficient qualification.

Breasts After the Second and Subsequent Labors

How should one keep the form after the second, the third, the fourth labor?

Everything depends on genetic predispositions, the condition of musculature of the scapular waist here. One is not to neglect special exercises and correct meals already before a conception, then your breasts will keep shape maximally long.

Thus, one can restore one's breasts after the labour in 95 % of one hundred of cases, if one does it in first 9 months after the birth of a child. It is important to devote oneself a little time every day. The complex combination of correct meals, physical exercises, cosmetic procedures will have the best effect.

Video: Treating Breast Pain After Birth

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