Bras For Pregnancy

Bras For Pregnancy


Is it Safe to Wear Bras in Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is very important to wear the correct bra, which not only relieves pressure on the bust, but also provides it with adequate support. By itself, the breast is composed of fatty and connective tissue, as well as the glands. During pregnancy every mammary gland becomes heavier by 280-510 grams.

This is due to the growth of the breast and increase of the amount of fluid. Without a bra, providing appropriate support, breasts may become deformed. In addition, women with a big bust may be experiencing significant tension in the neck and shoulders.

When is it Best to Buy Bra for Pregnant Women?

Once your breasts begin to increase in volume and the former size of the bra no longer fits, it is the best time to buy a bra for pregnant women. This often happens on the 4th month. Bras for pregnant women are specially designed so as to provide additional support.

In the first months of pregnancy the bra will fit well, clasped on a first hook, but during the third trimester, you can clasp it on the last hook-in a wider position of the belt. However, before childbirth some women need a bra of a larger size.

What Features Must a Bra For Pregnant Women Have?

A comfortable bra for pregnant women should have a wide belt and straps, which should provide the necessary support for increasing volume of the breast.

Bra straps must be adjusted to the length rather than stretch:

  • It is best to choose a bra with three or more clasps, allowing the model to fit well. In addition, a bra for pregnant women when you purchase it must be comfortable being clasped at first hook (in most tight position). Gradually, with breast enlargement it can be clasped to other loops to loosen the tension of the belt. If the hooks are not enough, then you can use special extenders.
  • The belt of the bra must be under the breast on the chest and not rise up, squeezing the breast tissue. Otherwise, the improper position of the bra can lead to blockage of the milky duct, provoking mastitis or progress of an infection.
  • Make sure that the bodice cups are large enough to completely cover your breast. If they are too small, some breast tissue can move upward and under the armpits, that will lead to a lack of support.
  • If your pregnancy falls on the hot summer months, it is best to pick up bras made from cotton or microfiber. Note that you have to wear bodices for several months, both before and after the birth of the child, so you should purchase a quality model, which can be adjusted when breast size changes.

How Much Will the Breast Size Change During Pregnancy?

Such changes are individual. At some women breast increases greatly, so during the whole pregnancy they have to wear the bras of several sizes. At others the volume of the bust virtually is unchanged until the baby and milk appear. You can find out from your mother, as to how her breast changed during pregnancy.

In addition, immediately after birth, you should expect a sharp increase in the volume of the breast because of the beginning of lactation. This process can be quite painful. To relieve the breast pain and balance the secretion of milk, you should adhere to the schedule of regular feedings. Often within 2 weeks the secretion of milk goes right and breast size stabilizes, but the cups will be required to be larger than they were in the bra for pregnant women.

Can I Wear Regular Bras During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy and after childbirth, your breast is subjected to many changes. It increases, it becomes heavier and more sensitive. Therefore, the bra selected correctly will make you feel more comfortable, both before and after childbirth. Regular bras aren't designed for such changes.

However, you can pick up such models of bodices that are suitable for pregnancy: they must have elastic cups and good support. Some women prefer to wear sports bras because they provide the breast with super support.

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