Body Odor During Pregnancy

Body Odor During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Your Body Odour

Interestingly, most women suffer from their own body enzymes. In the early pregnancy it is so painfully that neither taking a shower nor changing clothes is of help. Many pregnant women can’t stand the smell of sweat, it seems to them that their own skin has a bad smell and people around can feel it, too. When the toxicosis is over as the pregnancy progresses you may even like new odours of your body as they are nothing more but consequences of hormonal changes.

However, you should pay special attention to the following deviations:

  • Unpleasant smelling discharge is quite uncommon in pregnancy. If it is unusual: greenish, yellow, too heavy, cottage cheese like or frothy you need to see your doctor urgently.
  • Breath odour during pregnancy is a symptom of problems with the teeth and the gums, ENT or stomach diseases.
  • Ammonia smell in pregnancy is associated with protein insufficiency, you need make yourself eat something even if you have no appetite.
  • The smell of urine during pregnancy quite often changes. Usually due to intake of vitamins, it smells like vitamin pills. Nasty, strong, sharp scent of urine and a muddy color is a possible symptom of urinary tract infections. If you have such symptoms, it’s worth take an unscheduled urine test. However, such symptoms may be also caused by hormonal changes. Musty sweet urine odour is quite normal for pregnant women.

In any case, after the delivery you will not remember that you didn’t like your own skin odour being pregnant, and now, you can get frequent shower and change clothes. Use special cosmetics and detergents for pregnant, avoid sharply scented hygiene products and remember, any changes are only symptoms of your pregnancy, they will vanish soon after the delivery.

Is it Normal to Have Horrible Body Odor After Having a Baby?

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