Body Basal Temperature Chart During Pregnancy

Body Basal Temperature Chart During Pregnancy


Basal Body Temperature and Pregnancy

The human organism is a surprising and thin system. On the one hand, standard processes, cycles and cases take place inside us, on the other, they all have their features in every particular organism.  Perhaps one can regard the most vivid example of this in a woman organism and its reproductive system.

Each woman over 15 years of age is, certainly, familiar with menstrual cycle. At least, with menses as its external manifestation. However, the essence of the cycle and accompanying processes escapes many. Although, the perception of these processes helps not only to properly plan one`s time with consideration for a menstrual period, but also to diagnose pregnancy in the early stages. And this is a dream of the majority of women planning pregnancy.

The chart of the basal body temperature measurement at pregnancy before a delay. However, in order to make it possible, the chart must be kept for not less than 3-4 months. Only this will allow to trace peculiarities of change of basal temperature of a particular woman.

What is the Basal Body Temperature is and How is it Measured

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We all know since the very childhood, how one can measure body temperature: the thermometer should be placed under an armpit, wait five minutes and see the result. Few know that only skin temperature is measured like this and nothing  more. The temperature of internal organs and cavities will be slightly different. Because of that, many physicians now recommend to measure temperature in the mouth or in an auricle.

And there is such a notion as a basal temperature or a rectal one. To learn it, measurement must be taken in the rectum. In addition, one needs to do it strictly observing certain rules, because a vast number of factors, starting from physical activity, influences the basal temperature.

How to Measure Basal Temperature to Determine Pregnancy?

  • it is important to measure temperature at the same time with the difference not more than 30 minutes;
  • one needs to take measurements in the morning without standing up off a bed, one can not even take a sitting position;
  • one needs to keep a thermometer for not less than 5-7 minutes;
  • the readings must be taken off immediately after you pull out a thermometer;
  • received data are put into a chart;
  • one should note in the chart possible causes of shift from a usual graph such as a cold, inflammations, et cetera.

What to Measure the Basal Temperature?

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The matter is that basal temperature changes in a certain regularity during the cycle. On the cycle start, it lowers, but on the contrary, it becomes higher by the moment of an ovulation. In other words, if the chart of the basal temperature change is kept, one can calculate the most favorable days for a conception. Usually precisely for this purpose women take up this activity. What happens with the basal temperature in pregnancy before the delayed menstrual period? And can one consider BBT the sign of pregnancy?

As it has been already said above, in the first part of the cycle, beginning approximately from the 3rd or 4th day after the ending of the menstruation, the basal temperature lowers to 36,5-36,8 degrees. The maturation of an ovum needs such temperature. One day before the ovulation, the temperature falls abruptly, and then it rises not less sharply approximately to 37 degrees, sometimes slightly higher.

About a week before the start of menses, the basal temperature starts to go down if, of course, a pregnancy does not come. And if it comes? The thing is that the hormone progesterone, which starts to secrete immediately after ovulation, is in charge of the basal temperature during ovulation. If a conception does not occur, the level of progesterone decreases, therefore, the basal temperature goes down as well. If the conception occurs, the level of progesterone remains, and the temperature remains high. The basal temperature in pregnancy before a delay is equal to approximately 37 degrees.

If a woman during several months keeps the chart of her basal temperature, in case of the pregnancy coming, she will notice approximately a week before the start of her menses that the basal temperature continues to remain at the level of 37 degrees instead of habitual reduction. In this case one can assume the high probability of the pregnancy.

Chart of the Basal Body Temperature Change in Pregnancy

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The basal body temperature can be considered the first sign of pregnancy, already before the delayed menstrual period. However, it is worth considering, this is not the surest method. The point is that the increase of the basal temperature can be caused by other reasons as well, inter alia, gynecological disorders, infectious processes, physical activity, an intake of some drugs, et cetera.

There is an opinion that the basal body temperature can go down before the miscarriage or in case of missed miscarriage. One should not treat this information seriously. However, if you still worry for this reason, you can address to the physician for your own calm.

Strictly speaking, there is no sense to keep the chart of the basal body temperature change for the purpose of early pregnancy diagnostics, because it is too unreliable way. The basal temperature can bring much more benefit in the question of the determination of the favorable day for a conception.

Basal Body Temperature Charting

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