Blurred Vision During Pregnancy

Blurred Vision During Pregnancy


Blurred Vision in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, we need to be very careful in everything, defend ourselves and the unborn baby not only from the harmful effects of diet and environmental influence, but also from falls. However, very often our vision begins to fail suddenly. Fog in the eyes, blurred vision can cause serious concerns. Especially those who do not have an eagle’s sight.

What is the Cause of Visual Loss During Pregnancy?

There are some women who during the whole pregnancy do not feel the slightest deterioration in their state of health. However, the majority faces the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, some have them temporarily, but there are cases when during the pregnancy her whole body as it were rebels against her. Therefore it is very important to know what is normal during this period, and what signals of danger.

The most common problems with vision during pregnancy is the dryness. And, at the same time one (or even both) eyes can tear. In principle, this is not a big problem, but can be very annoying, especially when the pregnant has the lens.

So who is to blame? The hero is only one – the hormones of pregnancy. They are responsible for all the changes in the female body, including for the loss of vision. Pregnant women may be swelling, the hands and feet can hurt greatly, may increase the thickness of the cornea, resulting in distorted or blurred vision.

What to Do?

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If the dryness of eyes irritate very much a pregnant woman, the eyes hurt, as if with sand, you can try artificial tears. You can even ask your pharmacist at the pharmacy, informing him about the pregnancy. Some artificial tears are not suitable for use with contact lenses, so you shouldn't be buying something without the recommendation of a good pharmacist or an optician.

If a vision is a little worse, but it is possible to live a normal life, because it does not cause serious problems, then we can say that after the birth of a child all will be safe and will return to normal. If the vision has deteriorated significantly, you should obligatory see the optometrist.

You can, of course, buy a glasses and walk in them the whole period of pregnancy, using them for reading or watching TV, or contact lenses, but this idea does not deserve attention (unless suggested by the doctor). And in any case you should not even think of radical measures – laser correction – as the vision, as a rule, is again the same after childbirth.

When is Time to Worry?

During pregnancy, a serious complication known as preeclampsia may occur, so one of its symptoms is a blurred vision. The flashes of light before the eyes, a short-term loss of vision and other symptoms: swelling of the hands and face, nausea, headaches or vomiting should be mandatory told to the doctor. Not always all signs of preeclampsia are present together, but if there are problems with the health you’d better undergo a checkup.

In addition, fuzzy and blurred vision may be a sign of gestational diabetes. Other symptoms include increased thirst, very frequent calls of nature, fatigue.

During pregnancy, one of the main components of the mother and baby's health is a mother's health and her morale. Therefore, if on some week the blurred vision has appeared, or short loss of it happen, «sand» in the eyes or something else and it is very worrying and annoying, you definitely need to talk about all of your symptoms to your doctor. A simple check will not hurt anyone, but very often it calms the mother or prevents serious problems.

Blurry Vision During Pregnancy?

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    My vision has dropped drastically during pregnancy (and I’m only at the 25 week, what’s going next…)

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