Blood Types And Pregnancy

Blood Types And Pregnancy


Type Blood and Pregnancy

Senses and pragmatism are incompatible things: while two loving people meet nobody is interested in blood type. As practice shows, unfortunately. The perfect psychological and sexual compatibility of loving people can be marred by blood incompatibility.

Desired pregnancy is happiness for the couple. Preparing to conceive the firstborn, in addition to transition to a healthier lifestyle, which excludes any bad habits, the future parents need to determine blood types and rhesus factors. Here the notions of pregnancy and blood type for the birth of a healthy child are equally important. Compatibility of the parents affects the positive pregnancy and the rhesus factor of mother and fetus.

Awareness of the problems of the compatibility of blood types during pregnancy will help prevent possible negative consequences. Regular blood sampling in a pregnant woman allows timely to identify antibodies and medical intervention can help maintain the health of the fetus.

Compatibility of Blood Types During Pregnancy

Belonging to a particular blood type in humans begins to emerge even in the uterine period. From the moment of conception, a child receives the blood of parents in equal shares. At first the baby has all four types in different percentages. And the parent one is dominant, and often the child gets a type of a father or a mother.

The issue of compatibility of blood during pregnancy is important not only from the point of view of the rhesus factor, but also of type. It's all in the biochemical blood features of different people, caused by differences in the structure of its proteins.

Pregnancy and blood type does not cause complications in the following situations:

  • The same type of partners;
  • The mother has a fourth type;
  • The father has a first type.

RH positive and RH negative factor is determined by the presence or absence of specific antigen (D) on the surface of red blood cells. The presence of this protein makes the human Rhesus positive. If it is missing, then the person has RH negative blood type.

One of the analyses made during pregnancy, determines the compatibility of Rhesus of mother and fetus. A woman with a negative blood type during pregnancy and childbirth may have complications.

Negative Blood Type During Pregnancy

Negative Blood Types And Pregnancy

Negative blood type in pregnancy does not always pose a threat to the fetus.

  • In a situation where partners have a negative blood type the babe also has Rhesus negative factor, the blood of the fetus and the mother are similar, the conflict will not arise.
  • In rare cases, when a Rhesus positive father and rhesus negative mother the child has a rhesus negative blood type, the pregnancy also takes place without complications.
  • If the mother has a positive blood type, and the baby has negative, there will be no incompatibility of the proteins.

The problems arise when a Rhesus negative mother has a fetus with a positive type. The blood in a woman's body can start to develop antibodies to destroy alien proteins of the baby.

If RH negative woman is pregnant for the first time, and before that she had neither abortion nor miscarriage, don't worry. The blood in the mother's body has not yet been confronted with alien erythrocytes and has not learned to "fight them".

To the women with a negative rhesus factor, blood test is done to determine the antibodies. Careful attention is given to pregnant women with negative blood type whose antibodies have been detected.

The timely appointment by the doctor-gynecologist injections of anti-D immunoglobulin, safe for both mother and child, allows to prevent the conflict of fetal and maternal blood.

Conflict of Blood Type During Pregnancy

The conflict of blood types during pregnancy poses a serious problem as the Rhesus conflict. This situation can occur when the mother and the unborn child have different types.

If a woman's blood type:

  • Is first or second the conflict is possible with the fetus of the third type.
  • Is first or third the conflict might arise with the second type of blood of the baby.
  • Is first, second or third the conflict is likely, if the child has a fourth type.

The most dangerous combination when the woman with the first type of blood carries the baby with the second or third one. In this case, the development of hemolytic disease of the newborn is most likely.

At risk are women who have had a miscarriage or abortion, had undergone blood transfusions, already have a child with mental retardation or hemolytic disease.

Development of type immunological conflict is possible at couples with the following combinations of blood types:

  • Woman with O (I) and man A (II), (III) or AB (IV).
  • Woman with A (II) and man B (III) or AB (IV).
  • Woman with В (III) and man А (II) or АВ (IV).

Pregnancy and blood type is an important issue which should be paid attention to by all young couples before they decide to conceive a child. And if you're already pregnant, don't delay a visit to maternity welfare center. Timely registration can help you identify risks of conflicts of blood types and rhesus factor and will ensure a safe pregnancy.


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