Bleeding After Sex During Pregnancy

Bleeding After Sex During Pregnancy


Vaginal Bleeding After Sex in Pregnancy

Blood appearing during and after intercourse in pregnancy is common occurrence. Being pregnant is not a reason to give up sex. However, it is often the case that spotting appears during or after intercourse. Do not panic: bleeding in the form of insignificant bloody issue on your underwear, or a few drops of blood is a normal physiologic process observed in approximately one third of pregnant women at both the early and late stages.

Bleeding During Sex in Pregnancy

Blood during sex can occur even when pregnancy is proceeding without deviation. In most cases spotting can be observed in the second half of the term. Vaginal mucosa during this period gets friable, and more vulnerable to damage. Blood flow to the uterus gets intensive in the second and third trimesters, so even a small abrasion makes it can bleed. Blood appearing during sex is caused by an increased sensitivity of the mucosa and significant blood flow to the uterus in pregnancy.

This is not the case, to worry about. To avoid blood discharge, you must:

  • abandon intense frictions;
  • use the poses of shallow penetration.

If after such bleeding persists, then you must make an appointment with a gynecologist. Abundant blood discharge in pregnant women during sex may indicate at cervical erosion or pregnancy complications. Timely examination will help to avoid further problems.

Bleeding After Sex and Pregnancy

There are many reasons for regular bleeding after vaginal sex during pregnancy. Much depends on the organism individual characteristics and duration of the pregnancy. Typically in early pregnancy (up to 12 weeks) bleeding after intercourse occurs in many cases.

Minor and quickly stopped blood-tinged discharge may be considered as normal. The appearance of blood is associated with increased vulnerability of the cervix. In the last trimester bleeding occurs as a result of loosening of the cervix. It is necessary to pay attention to the intensity and color of discharge.

Having a light red moderate bleeding after vaginal sex in pregnancy is normal. A painful bleeding may occur after sex in the first trimester, the pain is similar to that in menstruation. This is due to the uterus increase in early pregnancy.

An annoying vaginal discharge at the later stages of pregnancy is what you are to worry about, perceiving the pain as a signal for an immediate visit to the antenatal clinic. An intercourse followed by a blood discharge in late pregnancy may be a harbinger of childbirth: this is evidenced by output "plug" – a lump of blood streaked mucus.

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