Belt For Pregnant

Belt For Pregnant


Prenatal Belt for Pregnant Woman

Scientists invented special belt for pregnant women or the ones, who already gave birth. This belt helps woman to feel more comfortable during the pregnancy: it eases and prevents back pain, reduces the amount of stress on the backbone.

With the help of this belt woman, who gave birth, can significantly improve her figure. However, it is important to know how to put on the belt in order to wear it comfortably and to avoid harming yourself.

When You Need to Wear the Belt?

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Not every woman needs to wear this belt during pregnancy.

It is recommended to wear it only in these situations:

  1. If you are sticking to an active lifestyle during the pregnancy: doing sports or spending a lot of time standing.
  2. If you have osterochondrosis or back pain.
  3. If you have varicose veins and other leg diseases that cause pain.

Moreover, special belt can help in you in other situations too.

  1. It can help to get rid of stretch marks.
  2. It considerably eases multiple pregnancy.
  3. It protects pregnant woman from early childbirth.

What Types of Belts Exist?

There are several types of special belts for pregnant: they differ by their fastenings. There also belts for pregnant ones, belts for those who already gave birth and the mixed ones.

You have to know about the differences of these belts to choose a correct one in a pharmacy or a store. Those women, who’ve already gone through pregnancy, advice asking some of your close ones to help you with this purchase: this belt has to be tried on before purchase, which can be hard to do on your own.

It’s better to buy this belt in a special store for pregnant ones. There you can receive all necessary help, including advices and information about sizes of the belts and its correct usage. If you want to choose the most affordable belt, choose the universal one: it can help you not only during pregnancy, but also during the recovery from childbirth.

This Table Helps to Define the Size of the Belt

Belt For Pregnant 2

Belt for Pregnant

Belt For Pregnant 3

Bandage Panties for Pregnant

Belt For Pregnant 4

Universal Combined Belt for Pregnant

Belt For Pregnant 5

What Do You Need to Know

First of all you have to remember one important rule: the universal of prenatal belt shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on your belly. Always remember this and avoid picking belt that is too tight.

The belt’s packaging often has an instruction and illustration, describing how to wear belt correctly. But doctors recommend to avoid sticking to this scheme: often these recommendations can be in odds with personal recommendations for pregnant woman. For example, image on the packaging can show a belt positioned too high on a woman’s body – it’s quite a common mistake.

If you wear the belt for the first time, you’d betted do it while lying down. You’d be able to feel your pubic bone much better in this position. If you ever used a loincloth, it would be easy for you to put on a belt.

How to Put On and to Wear Prenatal Belt?

How do you find out if you are wearing the belt correctly? If the belt is correctly worn, it goes under the belly and at the bottom of the buttocks, covers the front of the pubic and rests in femoral area. Remember: the belt shouldn’t put a pressure on your belly but it also shouldn’t hang on you (you won’t feel the desirable effect in that case).

It is easy to learn how to put on the belt if you read the instructions on the packaging and watch special video tutorials. But it’s much better to visit the doctor with your new purchase: he’ll show you and tell you how to put on the belt correctly, taking your special features into consideration.

The Conclusion

You have to consult an experienced doctor if you want to know how to put on and wear special belt for pregnant women correctly. You will also need to read the instruction on the packaging and to watch video tutorials. All of this will be enough for you to deal with this simple process.

You might wonder when it’s time to start using this belt. Of course, it’s better to ask the doctor about it, but usually these belts are allowed starting from 22nd-30th weeks of pregnancy. It is important to monitor your feelings and health when you are wearing the belt: if you feel pain or heavy sensation in the back area, consult the doctor immediately.

Video: How to Choose the Best Maternity Belly Belt

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