Belly Post Pregnancy

Belly Post Pregnancy


Birth of a child is an unforgettable moment in each woman’s life. However, appearance of a tiny cutie brings not only rejoice to his mother’s soul. Therapists and psychologists rightly and openly say that there can be a so-called postpartum depression, when a new mother feels depressed and useless. This state may occur due to such an important factor as changes in the look, which many people face: it is excessive weight, chronic fatigue, and a sagging after-birth belly.

How the Look Changes After Giving Birth

Many women gain excessive weight after nine months of pregnancy. And it is understandable: the baby's growing organism in the mother's womb required fine nutrition. Besides, even after giving birth the mom should not stop eating well in order to be able to breastfeed the new family member and provide him with sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients. That is why a strict diet is forbidden during first months of breastfeeding.

The most "painful" and actual problem of the new mothers is probably a stretched and flabby belly after parturition, or, better to say, extra kilograms in that area. However, in order to get your belly back to being normal, you need to figure out what happened to it, because the baby is already born, whereas the belly is gone only partly, which is quite unpleasant.

Stretched and Flabby After-birth Belly – Reasons

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A large belly after childbirth is a rather common phenomenon, which almost all women of any age, build, or constitution. Pregnancy has a significant effect on the human organism, reconstructing and changing certain processes, including metabolism, to make the fetus stay in the mother's womb as comfortable and safe as possible. However, few mothers were prepared in advance for the fact that even after the joy of having given birth to a child, their organism will not at once recover and get its former shape back.

For many ladies, a flat belly after childbirth is a given, instead of a deserved; they are simply not prepared that even after the nine months of pregnancy and the long hours of parturition, instead of a carefree rest, they will face exhausting care for the child and physical exercises, which will bring beauty back to all their body parts. Seeing what a post-childbirth belly looks like, many women not just become upset, but even get a postpartum depression. Actually, if the belly does not go away after giving birth, you should not lose heart or panic: you only need to be patient and exercise, and the problem will be solved quickly.

To identify a way to get rid of the postpartum belly, you must understand which physiological processes turned a flat belly into what upsets many ladies so much.

Sagging Postpartum Belly: Reason 1

The first reason for a woman's large postpartum belly becomes a stretched uterus. That is why even skinny mothers after giving birth surprisingly notice that their belly is sagging. Fortunately, the uterus shrink completely several months after parturition, so, you must simply wait for it to happen. If a lady was in a good physical shape prior to childbirth and exercised regularly, it often happens that her belly shrinks naturally, after her uterus gets back to its normal state.

Stomach Muscles After Childbirth: Reason 2

Secondly, abdominal muscles are stretched after parturition as well, so, to get their former shape back, you need to exercise. The same way you get rid of an excessive body fat, which was necessary during pregnancy for protection of the fetus. Body fat, which was growing all through the process of baby's development in the mother's womb, to a pity of our dear ladies, does not go away even after a happy moment of delivering a baby, so, an issue of restoring the former shape of the belly after childbirth can be associated with the getting rid of excessive fat in the abdominal area. The time when belly disappears depends not only on your striving and hard work in your physical exercising, but also on the female organism peculiarities, which we described in the previous article.

Belly Skin After Childbirth: Reason 3

A newborn average weight is 3 or 3.5 kilos, and his height is 51-54 centimeters. Of course, babies are born different – they can be bigger or smaller as well, and, anyway, for all 9 months from the point of the beginning of their existence they grow and develop in the mother’s womb. Human skin is elastic and can easily stretch so as to fit a growing fetus with ease and protect it as much as possible. However, after childbirth, skin cannot recover its previous state immediately – it is extremely stretched.

A stretched postpartum belly is a problem for all women, because even if a lady is well physically trained and has perfect health, she may hope that body fat will not spoil her beauty after giving birth to a child, but no one can fight the properties of human skin. A flat belly after birth is not an easy task; it requires not only patience and regular exercising, but also time, which is necessary for the uterus to shrink completely and for the belly skin to recover its former shape.

How to Return the Belly to its Normal State after Birth

So, to make a nice and flat belly after childbirth, you must implicitly follow two rules:

  • Reduce the amount of fat consumed
  • Do exercises for the belly after childbirth regularly. This is what we will discuss next.

Abdominal Exercises After Birth: Strengthening Muscles

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Restoring the shape of the belly you had prior to parturition means doing regular and long physical exercises aimed at strengthening abdominal muscles. They will not only help the belly to recover from delivery, but also to burn excessive fat, which will positively affect both your shape and your organism in general.

You should necessarily remember that each abdominal exercise after delivery must be done smoothly and without any haste. We all understand how you are willing to get rid of excessive fat and become stunning again, but in this process orderliness and consistency have the major significance. It is unlikely that you will get rid of the belly soon after childbirth; however, accelerating this process and making your belly flat as soon as possible is quite manageable!

Abdominal Exercise #1

From a prone position, put your legs in affixed position slightly bending them in the knees. You can put them under a table or an armchair. Then, slowly but surely lift your body with our arms behind the head. The exercise must be done daily several times, several minutes each time. Do not hurry or overwork; overloading yourself is not only useless, but can even do harm.

Exercise #2: Strengthening Lower Abdomen

From a prone position slowly raise your legs. If the exercise is too difficult, do not lift your legs too high up; gradually increase the distance from the floor to your heels. This exercise is aimed at strengthening the lower abdomen muscles, but it also aids the process of burning excessive fat in the abdominal area, so, it helps restore the stomach shape after delivery.

Exercise #3

From a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, do tilts to both sides, trying to reach the floor with your arm. All after-birth abdominal exercises must be done daily for at least 3 months. Along with that, you should repeat each exercise several times a day without overloading your organism. You should not train till complete exhaustion; first of all, it will not bring proper results, and secondly, you will need strength after that, because there is a small child in the house, and he needs his mother’s care and attention.

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