Baby Rash And Skin Conditions

Baby Rash And Skin Conditions


Rashes and Spots in Children in Pictures and Photo

Skin disorders in children is quite often reported. You can hardly find people who happened to avoid skin rash of particular origin.

More than one hundred types of skin disorders in children are known today. They vary in symptoms but they often develop in a common way. Therefore, such disorders should be correctly diagnosed by the qualified specialists. Self-treatment and the belief in correct actions based on earlier experience should not apply when it comes to a child.

The reasons of skin problems in children vary. There is not, yet, a uniform pathology classification in modern dermatology in terms of such disorders. Let’s consider the most common skin disorders in children.


Ringworm rash on baby

The fungi causes the skin infection. It is found in dead cells of nails, hair and skin. Fist, the infection manifests as the red scored spot or a cicatrix. In a while the latter turns into a red ring with slightly swallowed edges. The edges are exasperating.

The black-dot ringworm (serpigo) is often communicable disease. It is passed with the physical contact with carriers, their belongings. This skin disorder is usually well treated with antifungal ointments and creams.

Erythema Infectious

heat rashes on babies erythema infectious

This is the airborne disease, contagious, though the course of the disease is mild and this is completely treated in two weeks. This disorder develops similarly to the chill at early stages. Then, rash appears on the skin. It is localized both in the face and on the whole body. Within the first week, the sick person is highly contagious.


Chickenpox rash on baby

It is an extremely contagious disease that is spread as rash. The rashes itch turning into small wounds on the whole body. The chickenpox, or varicella, changes its development pattern depending on its stage. First, blisters appear that break, get dry forming the crust. The chickenpox may result in such complications as the pneumonia and brain damage. Children who experienced the chickenpox are at the risk to have the shingles in the nearest future.


Impetigo rash on baby face

Staphylococcic or streptococcic bacterium is the causative agent of this infectious disease. Impetigo develops as red sores, blisters that break and turn to spots with brown crust. They appear on the whole body and most often, they circle the area around the lips and in the nasal area. The sores spread when they are scratched. Moreover, they itch strongly. The impetigo is passed via the direct physical contact with the sick child and his/her things. As a rule, the impetigo is well treated with antibiotics.


Baby Rash And Skin Conditions 1

Bulged lumps on the skin are caused by the papilloma virus. Most often, children have warts on hands, namely between fingers, on arms. To prevent their spread over the body, the warts should be isolated. In most cases, warts disappear by themselves with no local therapy. However, the parents prefer to apply the therapeutic treatment to get rid of the using ointments. Optionally, this skin lumps are treated using the liquid nitrogen or laser treatment.

Contact Dermatitis

contact dermatitis rash on babies

This is the skin reaction of a child when contacted with plants. Such plants include the poison ivy, oaks, sumacs and other vegetation. The contact dermatitis may be also caused by any washing agent, creams or foodstuff newly added to the diet. As a rule, the rash on the cutaneous skin of a child break out in a day or two upon the contact with the staff above.

The contact dermatitis develops with the minor skin redness or the rash as small red spots. In severe cases, a child suffers from edema, evident skin redness and blisters. This skin disorder does usually require therapeutic agents. The things to starts with include the baths with the chamomile, calendula and the oak bark.

Atopic Dermatitis

baby skin rash atopic dermatitis

This disorder signs include the dry skin, itching and great areas of rash. Some children have it in early childhood but it disappears with the lapse of time. The exact reasons of the atopic dermatitis are not specified. Most often, this develops in children suffering from allergic reactions and asthma. The health care provider should prescribe the treatment depending on the severity of the disorder and the age of a child.


Urticaria viral rash baby

The urticarial occurs as the red rash or cicatricial spots on the skin. They are followed with the itch, tingling or burning. The pathogenic agents that cause this skin disorder may include the medicinal products, foodstuff, food supplements, temperature fluctuations. The urticarial may be chronic, sun-induced or idiopathic. It is treatable with antihistamines, local therapy depending on the type and severity.


Measles rashes on baby neck

This is a viral infection with 9 to 12 days of incubation period. The disease develops with the body temperature as the first symptom. In a couple of days, rash breaks out, first in the upper neck and in the face. In 2 to 3 days the rash break all over the body. Severe cases may result in the fatal outcome.


Baby Rash And Skin Conditions 2

It is an air-borne infectious disease. The incubation period is 12 to 21 days. The rash localize in the face and the body as the punctate fever rashes that are not confluent. This infection does not usually require specific treatment.


red rashes on baby scarlatina

It is an air-borne disease but children may also catch it when contacting sick people. The incubation period for this skin disorder in children is 1 to 8 days. The rash is puncticulate, mainly localized in the inner thigh and on shoulders. A pale triangle round the mouth with the red color of face is typical for this disorder. The disease is treted with antibiotics.


baby rash on legs mycoses

Mycosis is the skin disorder in children and adults caused by the fungal infection. Keratomycosis (chromophytosis or tinea versicolour) is often reported that affect the pilosebaceous follicle. Candidiasis are also frequent which are diseases induced by yeast-like fungi manifested as the stomatitis, lip swollen, and angular cheilitis.


heat rash baby dermatophytosis

Skin damage manifested with the feet fungal infection.

Herpes Simplex

baby rash around mouth herpes simplex

Viral disease of the skin in children and adults resulting in skin and mucosa bubbles around the lips and the nose. The recurrent form of herpes is most risky which with the severe development of the disease and high body temperature up to 39-40 ºC.

Lice Infestation

skin rash on head

The disease caused by the lice and occurs as the itch of various intensity.


 Baby Rash And Skin Conditions 3

This is the disease that is provoked by the intradermic parasitic itch mite. The infection results in the stron itch in the child and sometimes intradermic paths of the mite may be visually seen.


demodicosis rashes

This skin disorder is caused by the pimple mite that penetrates the opening of the hair follicles. Pink comedo and granulomas appear on the surface of the infected skin.


Urticaria rashes

Burning and itching blisters appear on the skin or mucosa similar to urtication rash. Such rash may be the body reaction to the medicine, foodstuff and cold.

Heat Rash

Skin Rash

Sweating fever is the result of wrong skin care, overheating or hyperactivity of perspiratory glands. As such, pink to read rash appears on the skin as the fine spots and nodes in the skin folds, lower abdomen, upper chest and in the neck area.

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