Asthma And Pregnancy

Asthma And Pregnancy


Asthma in Pregnancy

Not long ago women suffering from bronchial asthma were strictly advised not to become pregnant, but time goes on and the present-day medicine has the opportunity to fight the disease. Today, women with this diagnosis gestate and give birth to perfectly healthy children. Of course, during pregnancy they cannot avoid medications, but doctors will help in the prescription of hypoallergenic drugs.

Symptoms of Asthma

Attack of suffocation is the most dangerous manifestation of this disease. On the eve of the attack the woman begins to feel some scratching in the throat, tightness of the thoracic cage, coughing and sneezing start, inhalation can be carried out freely, but exhalation is difficult. Time frame of attack is quite different and may last from minutes to hours. Medicine knows particularly complex cases, when an asthma attack lasted several days. Of course, it is not safe during the childbearing. For the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis analysis of sputum and blood will be required, as well as tests to determine allergies.

What Causes Asthma?

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To the development of infectious-allergic asthma the following illnesses may contribute – pneumonia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis. This form of the disease is triggered by infectious agents. Allergenic substances such as as pollens, animal dander, medications and certain foods can cause allergic, non-infectious asthma. Genetic predisposition contributes to the emergence of such a variety of disease. Everyone understands the seriousness of the situation, when a woman bearing the child has asthma, because children of these mothers are almost guaranteed allergic diseases.

How to Treat Asthma During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women with asthma are recommended not only to be followed up by a gynecologist, but also by a pulmonologist or allergist. It should be noted that drugs for the treatment of asthma do not have a negative impact on pregnancy and baby development, because in most cases, patients are assigned inhalation, which cannot affect the entire body.

It is strictly forbidden during pregnancy to cancel the usual treatment. This can cause increased attacks, exacerbate the course of the disease, and this is certainly not the best way to impact the pregnancy. If a woman with a problem of asthma adheres to the advice and recommendations of the pulmonologist, then she is able to gestate a healthy baby. Women with such a problem are recommended to give birth in a general hospital, where, if necessary, they can immediately consult a pulmonologist.

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