Anxiety During Pregnancy

Anxiety During Pregnancy


Anxiety and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most essential and physically natural periods in the life of a woman. However, this is exactly the time when she is waiting for her baby to come into the world that makes her feel anxious. There are lots of possible reasons for feeling this way. Still, in order to fight this unpleasant feeling it is necessary to find out what exactly causes it.


According to the official statistics data, every year the number of women that want to give birth to a baby while “they are still young” increases. Irrespective of this fact, this women tend to put off the time of getting pregnant. In countries of western Europe and America it is considered to be normal to give birth to a baby when a woman is over 30.

In our case, however, every “old mother” automatically gets into the group of women who have not only physical, but also psychological risks. Our modern society can’t yet fully accept the way things are and support a mature pregnant woman. That’s why many women tend to keep it secret from their colleagues and acquaintances till the day of the labor comes. This is where a constant feeling of anxiety is coming from.

Long Existing Fears

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Psychologists have long since noticed that exactly the women that during their childhood were intimidated with something (be it a boogey man or an angry wolf) are much more inclined to have stresses. Consequently, these women will feel a constant anxiety during the course of pregnancy. Keep in mind that this intimidating goes on when a girl is in her teens. She is being constantly told about the harm of the alcohol and smoking and that she shouldn’t start living sexual life too early. Of course, there is nothing bad about that but when parents talk to you about all these and use particular emotions to describe all these more vividly, this can cause subconscious phobias.

The Changing of the Status

Even if there are no obvious signs, a future mother is still very worried about the changing of her social status and the fact that she now has a bigger responsibility because from now on she is responsible not only for herself, but also for her baby.

Yesterday she was a valuable professional and an irreplaceable member of the team and, then, tomorrow she is going to be a mother who has taken a maternity leave. Her baby will be of a prime importance to her. Since women nowadays are striving for making a career (as well as men), future mothers are really afraid of losing their authority or even their position at a company while they are on a maternity leave. That’s why many women start working during the first tear when the baby is born.

What Can Be Done?

You should get rid of and cure yourself of this constant anxiety state. Its main danger lies in the fact that a bay can have a little weight when he or she is born. Besides, The process of labor itself will be difficult and rather long. As a result of such like labor, various complications may occur. In case you feel anxious, you need to consult a psychologist in order to improve the state you are in.

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