Anorexia And Pregnancy

Anorexia And Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Women With Eating Disorders

Pregnancy is a happy time when an expectant mom is occupied by herself, her own and her baby’s health. She consumes foods rich in vitamins in order to supply her body with nutrients and assure the normal fetal development. The body of a pregnant woman is a subject to changes that should facilitate the gestation and the delivery. For example, the thighs grow on a layer of fat.

Body weight deficiency among pregnant women is one of the problems of modern medicine. Though a woman is happy to be pregnant, she can’t forget about excessive weight. In some women, this becomes a kind of obsession.

Can an Anorexic Woman Get Pregnant?

Why do women with impaired nutrition get pregnant? Well, first of all, this can happen accidently. It might happen so that the pregnancy wasn’t planned, but a woman decided to keep the baby. Or maybe she has undergone treatment for anorexia, but the pregnancy brought back the fear of getting fat.

First, you need to see your doctor, he should start monitoring your condition asap. If you are planning a pregnancy, consider the following things. First, if you have weight is below the normal, you may find it difficult conceiving and bearing the baby. If you still have not begun to eat properly, you and your child will be exposed to great risk.

Risks Associated With Pregnancy in Anorexic Women

Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

Anorexia increases chances of miscarriage, premature birth, and the birth of a child with congenital diseases. Before you complete your treatment for anorexia, it may be dangerous getting pregnant, as the baby will take nutrients from your undernourished body. Exhaustion and weakness can cause depression, which also affects the course of pregnancy. In some cases, exhaustion may contribute to the destruction of teeth, bones, liver and kidneys as well as cause heart diseases.

Depression may also be caused by the mere fact that you’re gaining weight, as far as we know it’s the biggest fear of an anorexic person. Pregnant women with anorexia require careful doctor monitoring throughout the pregnancy. In this case, the chances of a successful pregnancy outcome are high enough.

It’s worth thinking in advance how you will bring back your weight after the delivery. It is a dangerous period for patients with anorexia as they can be up to very strict diet and exhausting exercise, because now it doesn’t threaten the baby’s health. It is important to find a healthy way to lose weight and be ready that it will not give such a rapid effect as fasting, but the result will be persistent and won’t harm your health.

All the above applies to women who are being treated for anorexia or to those who have this disease in early stages and are ready to undergo a course of treatment in order to give birth to a healthy baby. Women with a strong exhaustion after the anorexia are very unlikely to conceive. If the pregnancy occurs, the chances of miscarriage or giving birth to a baby with severe birth defects are extremely high.

How to Prevent Anorexia and Low Weight

To be more prepared, too skinny girls are advised to learn more about the processes that occur in their bodies while carrying a baby. Those who suffer from anorexia should learn how much weight they should put on and how much they need to eat to assure the normal fetal development. They are recommended to use weight calculator. The thing is that this program selects indicators for your personal settings. This means that if your weight is less than the average, you need not start eating right away as an average woman.

Pregnancy in general affects the attitude towards food. It may happen so that the things will go smooth from the moment of conception for you. But if you are very skinny, your doctor should monitor your eating schedule and diet.

Eating Disorders and Pregnancy

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