Anal Sex During Pregnancy

Anal Sex During Pregnancy


Anal Sex in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a difficult time in the life of a woman not only because there is a little miracle that weights 2-3 kg developing in the belly, but also because you want to do lots of things but many of them are forbidden. One of the forbidden things which is hard to bear is the fact that it’s forbidden to have sex. It should be mentioned that there are some serious reasons for it to be forbidden.

What do you do if your partner or you yourself want to have sex during pregnancy? Is it worth exposing your baby to danger and is there any danger at all? Maybe, it’s allowed to have anal sex during pregnancy? “Beauty salon” answers all the questions.

Anal Sex During Pregnancy As a Possible Alternative

Having anal sex is the first idea that comes up the mind of those who have to life without sex during pregnancy. Having traditional sex seems to be dangerous while trying something new for some reason seems to be less dangerous. Actually, having sex during pregnancy is not an easy thing and it is dangerous. If you do not have any practical skills here, you may harm not only your baby but yourself as well. However, everything is not that bad as it may seem. If you follow certain advices, you may have sex and anal sex as well.

If you had anal sex with your partner before, then it will be easier having it during pregnancy. If you’re going to have it for the first time, we strongly recommend you reading through our article “How to have anal sex in a right way”. There you’ll find lots of recommendations and advices on how to make it safe. Warnings, hidden dangers and negative consequences of having anal sex during pregnancy are practically the same as to when you have it in a usual state. From medical point of view, anal sex is not less dangerous than usual sex during pregnancy. However, even if you have anal sex during pregnancy, you still may harm your organism and the organism of your baby indirectly.

Safe if Anal Sex During Pregnancy

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It may be said that anal sex during pregnancy is, in general, safe if you at least choose the right pose. However, there is a number of warnings. During pregnancy you necessarily should have anal sex with condom or you should be 100 % sure that you’re both absolutely healthy! Otherwise, there is a risk of infection getting into your quite weakened and not that well protected organism. It’s absolutely forbidden to start having vaginal sex after anal without having a condom or without having previously washed sex organ of the partner well! You should have respect for your health!

During the time of pregnancy, hemorrhoids very often gets increased in size. It means that a possibility of skin ruptures near the rectal office becomes more likely to occur as well as the possibility of bleeding because the blood vessels are increased in size during pregnancy. Consequently, once again, there is a possibility to get infected.

What Complications May Occur in Case You Have Anal Sex?

You need to remember that during pregnancy you’re more prone to having hemorrhoids (because blood vessels get increased in size) and cases of constipation. You should take it into account before having sexual intercourse. Also, anal sex may cause the inflammation of anus, bleedings, ruptures and advanced labor.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, pains in anus and constipation, you’d better refuse having anal sex since it may make the situation even worse. Besides, you’d better refuse having it if you don’t have hemorrhoids and cases of constipation, but there are rectal bleedings.

Hygiene in Case of Anal Sex During Pregnancy

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You should be attentive while having anal sex. Under no condition should bacteria from the straight intestine get into vagina since it may lead to bacterial vaginosis and cause premature labor. There is also a possibility of ruptured membranes in case of bacterial vaginosis.

If after anal sex you want to have vaginal sex, you should:

Necessarily change condom. This will prevent the infection from the straight intestine from getting into vagina. Then, if you didn’t use condom, your partner should necessarily wash his genitals with water and soap. Hands are also to be washed! All this is done so that infection doesn’t get into vagina.

Will it Be Pleasant to Have Anal Sex During Pregnancy?

It will be pleasant and even more! If you have anal sex during pregnancy, you’ll experience unbelievably pleasant sensations that may even be stronger than when you have sex in your usual state. That’s why if you feel a really strong desire to experience something new and this desire is bigger than your worries about possible consequences, you shouldn’t lose the chance to try having anal sex during pregnancy. After labor, anal sex won’t bring you such like pleasure.

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