Amoxicillin During Pregnancy

Amoxicillin During Pregnancy


Amoxicillin and Pregnancy Instruction for Use

The health issues worry the woman during all her life. During pregnancy this issue sharpens twice and acquires new tinges. Because then the worries and the concerns are concentrated on the state of health of a fetus. However, one can not forget that the health of the future baby directly depends on state of health of the future mother. Pregnancy does not always occur smoothly and without complications. It happens that the deterioration of the woman's health puts on threat the baby's health and then the need in use of potent antibiotics arises.

Of course, in such cases, the woman begins to worry twice, because the intake of antibiotics can negatively influence the health of her future child. But it is not always so. The serious inflammatory diseases of pregnant women bear threat to not only women themselves, but their fetus too. Therefore, aiming at the goal to preserve the health for both, physicians often recommend such drug as Amoxicillin. Asserting at the same time, that it is safe for the future mother and her child. This statement does not always calm women and they continue to worry. Therefore, let us actually try to find it out if it is in point of fact. . .

Purpose and the Application

Amoxicillin is a bactericidal antibiotic of the penicillin group. In other words, it is the antibiotic destroying pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, exhibiting at the same time sufficiently powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Amoxicillin is prescribed during infectious diseases of the upper airway (bronchitis, pneumonia), as well as during tonsillitis, pyelonephritis (inflammation of kidneys), urethritis (inflammation of a urethra), inflammatory and infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and some skin diseases.

The pregnant women always have the weakened immunity and they are always in the high risk area while the activation of infectious and virus diseases of catarrhal kind, like tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis. As well as infectious and inflammatory diseases of kidneys (pyelonephritis), of a urination system (cystitis, endocarditis, sepsis) and the others. Bearing in mind, that these diseases can cause serious complications, and the presence of inflammation foci, especially, of virus or infection character is insecure for health of a future child, doctors prescribe Amoxicillin. The fact that the instructions of drug indicate among its contraindications that the pregnant women need to prescribe it with caution.

Can Amoxicillin be Prescribed While Pregnancy?

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Many doctors assert, that Amoxicillin is safe for any pregnant woman, as well as for her fetus. Actually it is so, the official studies of effect of the drug on pregnant women and her fetus confirmed it. But doctors prescribe it with caution even only in those cases, when it is extremely necessary. But, if this thing happened and the doctor prescribed this drug, the pregnant woman must strictly adhere to his recommendations and take Amoxicillin strictly in certain time and just in recommended doses. In accordance with an instruction, the drug is taken in regular intervals during a day, washing down with the abundant quantity of water. The physician determines the duration of the intake and one should also adhere strictly to his recommendations here.

If the drug is prescribed to you in capsules, try to swallow them completely without opening and chewing. Amoxicillin prescribed in tablets should be better chewed and washed down with a glass of chilled boiled water. Amoxicillin in suspensions is taken in a strictly dosed amount with help of the dispenser spoon, which is always in package. And in no case one can use home eating utensils, because one may be wrong about a dose and harm one's health and the baby's health too. Before the intake of Amoxicillin, the patient must necessarily pass a test for absence of an allergic reaction to penicillin and cephalosporin drugs.


As the increased sensitivity to preparations of the penicillin group, which often is accompanied by allergy, can also harm the health of the pregnant woman and her future baby. Despite the confirmed safety of Amoxicillin, physicians recommend to use it only in extreme cases. In cases, when the danger that the disease bears is manyfold greater than the danger, which Amoxicillin can provoke. Pregnant women should always remember this and never deal with self-medication. Because it can negatively affect her health, as well as the health of her future child. In addition, Amoxicillin can provoke internal bleeding.

In the first place, pregnant women need to protect themselves and, if it is possible, to avoid contact with patients. And at the appearance of symptoms of any above listed disease, one should immediately turn to the doctor, this will give a possibility to avoid treatment with the help of strong antibiotics. Remember, timely and correct treatment under your doctor's observation gives a possibility to avoid need to use potent antibiotics in 95 % of cases. And this will provide safety of the future mother and her baby.

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