Alcohol And Pregnancy

Alcohol And Pregnancy


Nobody doubted that alcohol has a negative impact on child's development during pregnancy. But often we argue so: "If something is impossible, but we have a longing to do it very much, then it is possible a little bit". Many of us don't want to have denied themselves a glass of wine or a mug of beer. The same holds true for pregnant women too.

Would Such Behavior Be Allowed During Pregnancy Period?

  • A question whether it is possible to drink alcohol at pregnancy is like asking whether it is possible to eat a little rat poison, waiting for your baby? Perhaps, you think that all should be well. But you make the mistake of doing that.
  • Alcohol, certainly, is poisonous for your baby in any quantities, and is unpredictable in this case for child’s development.
  • There are many situations where no alcohol drinking is allowed. And you won't be lonely if completely refrain from alcohol. It is necessary to be set up on this resolution and to keep it all the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Influence of Alcohol on Development of the Child

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Alcohol increases risk of pregnancy termination and the birth of children with a small weight. In hard cases it leads to development of an alcoholic syndrome occurring in infants even before they are born. They lag behind in development, the structure of their face, heart. urinogenital system and other organs could be broken. Such pathologies are very difficult to treat.

Medical studies confirm that the foetus is extremely sensitive to all harmful influences. A pregnant woman is never could be able to take even one drink alone. Doing this, she will be sure to affect her child’s organism which is closely related to her own in this period.

Harmful impact on the child is exerted by both alcohol, and products of its processing in organism. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to an angiospasm of the placenta and umbilical cord vessels which decreases supply of the child’s organism with oxygen and necessary nutrients.

Besides, alcohol negatively affects embryo’s cells, changing their genetic material (DNA) that can become the reason of child’s ugliness. Under the influence of alcohol there takes place metabolic and hormonal dysfunction. Symptoms of nervous system damage may reduce child’s intelligence and give rise to some behavioural disorders.

Whether There is a Safe Dose of Alcohol at Pregnancy?

In a situation when future mother has no alcoholism and isn't going to drink alcohol regularly, the question would arise whether there is a safe dose of alcohol which won't lead to a variety of complications of child’s development. Many are interested whether it is possible to drink alcohol during pregnancy from time to time in, from their point of view, small amounts.

The medical professional organizations all over the world have come to a categorical conclusion that alcohol during pregnancy needs to be excluded completely. Besides, it is better for future parents to give up drinking at least not less than three months before conception.

Remember that there are no safe doses of alcohol for the pregnant woman. No one knows for sure what amount of alcohol could become fatal to the child.

It is necessary to remember that there is no difference for a future mother between alcoholic drinks. It used to be a common practice to assume that a glass of wine or a mug of beer would not be impossible under ordinary circumstances during pregnancy period. The last scientific researches prove the converse, that even minimum of any alcoholic drink affects adversely your baby.

Eventually, even on a holiday if you don't want to draw attention to yourself and to tell all about your pregnancy, it is possible to raise your glass of wine and just to taste it, but not to drink. And you can answer those who cared to know that you’ll drive or take the medicine incompatible with alcohol.

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  • Nancy says:

    I can’t really believe that there are women that keep on drinking alcohol during pregnancy. It has long since been proved that it’s unbelivably harmful

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