Adenomyosis And Pregnancy

Adenomyosis And Pregnancy


Adenomyosis During Pregnancy

Aadenomyosis is an inflammatory disease which associated with conditions, when endometrium (which is the mucus layer covering the main women's organ, a uterus) begins for some reason to germinate from the inside into other mucous membranes of the uterus. It is not typical for this mucosa in the normal case. Cells of endometrium in the given state can be found in various bodies of a small pelvis, and also in other bodies and systems of a female organism.

For example, they could be in bodies of digestive tract, in bladder, in soft tissue of lungs and even in postoperative wounds and keloidal scars. In a normal state endometrium occurs only as a lining for the uterine cavity and nowhere else. Its mission is to give the chance to the impregnated ovum to be fixed in the uterine cavity during pregnancy period. At the same time it expands increasing in size and becomes friable and additional blood vessels develop. Thereby introduction of an ovum in the uterine cavity is facilitated for the further growth and development of an embryo.

If the ovum is not impregnated, then the endometrium which has reached the maximum thickness to a final phase of a cycle is torn away from the uterus cavity, and there comes a time of monthly periods for a woman. A bazal layer of endometrium always remains in the uterus and undergoes some changes again depending on a phase of woman’s menstrual cycle and on the hormonal background accompanying them. There are limits of normal thickness of endometrium in different phases of menstrual cycle. The expert may establish a diagnosis of internal endometriosis, or adenomyosis defining it by ultrasonic inspection. At the same time the picture of growth of endometrium layer into muscular walls of uterus is well visible.

How is Adenomyosis Revealed

Sometimes adenomyosis proceeds almost asymptomatically, many women learn about the disease absolutely incidentally, during ultrasonic inspection of uterus which may be done absolutely in other occasion. But most often adenomyosis has an effect by some typical manifestations which simply should be noticed.

Symptoms and Signs

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Thus, among symptoms of this disease there are the following:

  • the painful and long monthly periods which often lead to decrease of the hemoglobin level in woman’s blood;
  • painful matter of such monthly periods;
  • a little smearing discharge of dark brown colour, that occurs between monthly periods. This, so-called, "blurring" takes place some days before monthly periods and within several days after it;
  • pain or unpleasant sensations during sexual contact can also accompany an acute inflammatory disease of the uterine cavity;
  • sometimes there is an increase in the size of the body of the uterus or change of its form due to uneven thickening of uterine walls that may be detected during direct inspection by the expert only.

Such signs are typical not only in the case of adenomyosis. If you have found at yourself one of those signs or even a few of them, then it doesn't mean that you have such disease exactly. Many other abnormalities of female state of health are followed by similar symptoms therefore anyway it is worth paying attention to them surely. After all, myoma or, for example, uterine body polyps which are equally dangerous can make themselves felt similarly. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that adenomyosis isn't a precancer disease as they tend to think. It can't turn into a cancer tumor after a time.

What of Women Groups Could Be the Subject to Adenomyosis Mostly?

Today experts can't really say with absolute accuracy that there is some special group of women, which is most easily exposed to formation of endometrium centers in organism foreign to its nature. Such disease may be often found in those women who have had a large number of abortions or miscarries, and also uterus operations. But also women who haven't had anything from aforementioned cases, quite often reveal symptoms of those diseases at themselves. The only fact which is authentically found and proved is the fact that adenomyosis is accompanied by hormonal dysfunctions and proceeds against disturbances in the immune system.

It follows that a certain risk group is made by women who often come up against stressful situations in their life and make it out hard. This group also includes those women who forced to be engaged in a hard physical activity and those who lead an inactive life. The repeated visitings a solarium with excessive enthusiasm and uncontrollable staying under the sun may result in development of an adenomyosis, too.

Whether Pregnancy With Adenomyosis is Possible?

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This question has no definite answer, but the revealed direct regularity of infertility developing against adenomyosis symptoms indicates that this disease is an obstacle to conception and pregnancy for many women. The correct and serious treatment of such patients often doesn't bring any result. At the same time, considerable part of young aged women having such disease genital function isn't broken. Having freely conceived, they perfectly bear and then give birth to healthy babies.

Sometimes it happens so that conception happens, but bearing of an embryo could be interrupted or becomes complicated. It is quite possible that the reason of it is adenomyosis. In such cases careful medical examination and complex therapy is necessary. A modern and most effective method is when illness is treated locally with hormones. The doctor determines the doses of hormones and course of treatment with the preparations. Independent treatment is completely excluded during this period because this could lead to an imbalance of woman’s hormonal background. At adequate and full treatment under strict medical control pregnancy and successful development of a child is possible.

And if there are no revealed difficulties with conception or developing embryo, and symptoms of disease are absent, then urgent treatment isn't required, but control from doctors must be captured anyway. Such woman should be kept under close attention in order to take necessary measures to prevent any complications or even threats of pregnancy termination.

It is quite often detected that pregnancy proceeding is the mechanism which is capable slow and even to stop development of adenomyosis completely. During pregnancy there are no monthly periods, so, there are no regular changes of endometrium wherever it is. A number of cases are known in which signs of adenomyosis were fully eliminated after pregnancy period, childbirth and breast-feeding. Decrease in amount of estrogen in a female organism during pregnancy and lactation periods is revealed as a dominating factor. Endometrium begins to expand actively and to take unusual places inside woman's organism under the influence of excess amount of estrogen.

It is necessary to address skilled and competent medical experts for establishing the true diagnosis and for appropriate and effective treatment. Only those professionals are capable to understand each concrete situation and to help a pregnant woman, taking into account all features and considering peculiarities of that disease. It is important to be able to distinguish manifestations of an adenomyosis from symptoms of other diseases as to make it independently is too difficult. The good doctor is able to do it unmistakably on the basis of all methods which are available in his arsenal. Besides, pregnancy with adenomyosis in anamnesis has to proceed under control of the best expert.


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