Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Acupuncture During Pregnancy


Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman in case any health problems occur wants to get rid of them without using drugs. We know that drugs may not only be useful, they also may harm the heath of a future mother and her baby. That’s why the majority of pregnant women starts using means of folk medicine, for example, acupuncture.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is very widely spread in our modern society thanks to chinese healers. This is exactly them who brought to Europe sets of needles of various length (1.5-12.5 cm) and wideness (0.25-0.45 mm). They showed how skillful and good they are at healing people from various diseases. Modern acupuncture session is in no way different from its ancient variant. Skillful hands of the true professionals influence on the biologically active dots on a man’s body with the help of metallic needles the same way it used to be. Overall, the procedure can make miracles to your body.

The time of the procedure and how deep the needle is put into the body vary in accordance with the disease. Generally, a procedure usually lasts 10-30 minutes. Sometimes, the needles may be put into a body for a longer time – up to several days. However, this doesn’t cause any discomfort or painful sensations on the part of a patient because, most often, even the process of needles injection is also painless.

Still, is it safe to undergo a procedure of acupuncture during pregnancy? Is there really no danger for the health of the baby that is not yet born? What about the health of a future mother? These and other questions arise in the heads of every conscious mother and her relatives. That’s why let’s speak about it now and find out what the use is and whether acupuncture may be dangerous for pregnant women?


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If the procedure of acupuncture will be carried out by a true professional (there also should be a proof of the qualification, not only a diploma, but also a license and what’s rather welcome a successful practice), then, you may get rid of the following unpleasant things that occur during pregnancy:

  • early or late toxicosis (vomiting and nausea);
  • a sharp change of moods;
  • a risk of a threatened abortion;
  • epigastric burning;
  • hypertension;
  • insomnia;
  • swelling and leg cramps;
  • fatigue;
  • breech presentation of the fetus;
  • pains in the back and in the small of the back.

Besides, many women that underwent the procedure of acupuncture during pregnancy say that their appetite is improved, the feeling of fatigue is decreased, they feel less worried, – the symptom from which lots of future mothers suffer. Also, sessions of acupuncture are rather useful on the last weeks of pregnancy. Thanks to a good influence that needles have on the reflexive dots (they are located on the skin of a woman), the uterus gets a chance to get ready for labor. However, not all women are allowed to undergo acupuncture sessions during pregnancy.


Under no condition, you should undergo this procedure during the course of pregnancy if you have chronic diseases of inner organs. Especially, the diseases that are on their active stage of progression. It is not recommended to visit these sessions if a woman has gained a little bit weight during pregnancy or if her immune system is week and she has recently had a high physical load.

You also should keep in mind that during the first weeks of pregnancy (up to 8 weeks) you’d better not do acupuncture at all since there is an inner rearrangement of a mother’s organism going. Consequently, we do not know how your organism will react on the influence on this or that dot. Unfortunately, nowadays very often, cases of miscarriages occurring after these sessions. Individual intolerance of the needles influence or a not so professional staff is to be blamed for that.

However, a true professional knows what dots and areas should never ever be exposed to the influence. He or she also knows how to decrease blood pressure in case of pregnant women, how to improve the course of pregnancy that doesn’t go that smoothly and how to make the fetus get into the right location. Still, you should undergo these procedures only after you consult your doctor that controls your pregnancy.

Remember that only you yourself are responsible for the health and life of your baby! That’s why you really need to think hard whether you need acupuncture before you start visiting the sessions! Especially considering the fact that you may get to meet a non-professional persons, charlatans which are much more in number than real healers!

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