Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Acid Reflux During Pregnancy


Acid Reflux and Pregnancy

The acid reflux is caumesthesia or burnings in lower retrosternal or anticardium, caused by pelting of gastric contents in lower part of gullet and irritation of his mucous membrane. Complaints to heartburn show more than a half of pregnant women (to 80 %), and more often heartburn disturbs women in the second half of pregnancy, develops after meal, proceeds of several minutes till several o'clock, repeats several times a day.

Reasons of Acid Reflux

On initial durations of gestation heartburn is caused by the hormonal changes happening in the woman's organism. The gullet and stomach is divided by sphincter which does not allow to come back to food. During pregnancy the level of hormone of progesterone which weakens all unstriated muscles in organism including this sphincter increases. It is considered that heartburn can be symptom of early toxicosis of pregnant women, and it usually passes by 13-14 weeks.

how to get rid of acid reflux during pregnancy

On later terms heartburn is caused by that the uterus increasing in sizes puts pressure upon stomach, flattening and raising it, "helping" emission of contents of stomach in gullet. All these unpleasant feelings and heartburn and to the child most often do not cause any harm of mother and completely pass together with pregnancy.

Factors strengthening or promoting emergence of acid reflux:

  • acceptance of spasmolysants which in addition weaken muscles of internals. About all medicine which you take, tell to your attending physician;
  • carrying too much fitting things can provoke heartburn. Try to bend less, better simply squat. After food at least half an hour do not lay down;
  • use in food of the products strengthening emission of acid in stomach, for example, coffee, carbonated drinks, hot dishes and spices, acid vegetables, fruit and berries, sour-milk products (except cheese);
  • too dense dinner before going to bed.

Ways of Treatment

At pregnancy only the doctor since all antiacid means at the wrong use can cause increase of acidity of gastric juice can appoint heartburn medicine. However there are also national (non-drug) ways of fight against heartburn.

  • The most important folk remedy of treatment of heartburn at pregnancy is usual diet. Do not eat much, do not eat fried, heavy and spicy food – eat vegetables and porridges in small amounts.
  • Pass on fractional food, it is necessary to eat with small portions of 5-6 times a day, the last meal in 3 hours prior to dream.
  • Drink during the day milk in the small portions, it is possible to add natural essential oil of fennel.
  • If heartburn has already begun, try to chew oat flakes, forest or almonds, grated carrots.
  • It is better to sleep on the back.
  • Avoid stresses.
  • It is possible to try to drink kissel or fresh potato juice.

Natural Heartburn Prevention During Pregnancy

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