When do Babies Say Mama

When do Babies Say Mama


When do Babies Start Talking

The parents of a baby can’t help waiting for him/her to say the first word. Experts say that there is no exact time as to when babies start to speak. There are babies who say their first word – the word “mama” when they turn 6-7 months. At the same time, there are those who keep silent up until they turn 1.5-2 years old thus making parents worry.

When Does a Baby Start to Knowingly Use the Word “Mama”?

In case of many babies (according to statistics the number of them amounts to 40%), the first word they say is “mama”. However, there are those who start “communicating with the world around them” using the word “give”. There are, approximately, 60 % of such like babies. parents should know that a baby starts to say “mama” only after he/she passes through all the stages of speech development: active babbling, imitation of intonation, learning to pronounce lots of various combination of sounds and imitation of sentences’ sound.

Most often, those who start to say “mama” at the age of 6-7 months, do it spontaneously. In other words, they use it any time, without any particular aim. Only when a baby turns 1 year old, he/she starts to say “mama” with a particular aim in mind – it means that he/she needs something.

The main condition for the normal development of a baby’s speech is enough live communication. The development of a baby’s speech involves two things: passive understanding of a word (a baby is able to understand the speech of others) and active communication (speech). What is important to point out here is the fact that if a baby’s passive vocabulary doesn’t have enough lexical units, his/her active speech won’t develop.

Still, many mothers wonder why their babies, irrespective of the fact that their development goes fine, don’t say “mama”. Possible reasons here may have to do with the individual peculiarities of a baby that has quite a big passive vocabulary but doesn’t start to use it in practice.

How do You Teach Your Baby to Say “Mama”?

When you’re talking with your baby, try to use the word “mama” while doing something. For example, mama is going to…, mama is going to bring… etc.

Play with your baby the games that help to develop speech. For example, cover your face with hands and ask your baby: “Where is mama?” You need to necessarily reward your baby for the right answer.

Try not to foresee the desires of your baby. Let him/her learn to ask for whatever it is that he/she needs. This way your baby will start to speak earlier.


The first word your baby will say is the word he/she hears often. If it’s important for a mother to hear him/her saying “mama” as the first word and yet spontaneous word, she needs to teach her baby to pronounce it. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort it will take. Remember that babies like to pronounce words that consist of the same syllables. It means that you can teach your baby to pronounce the word “papa”.

Video: Teach Your Child to Say "Mama".

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