Vitamin B6 for Pregnancy

Vitamin B6 for Pregnancy


Vitamin B6 During Pregnancy

Each expectant mother needs vitamins not only to ensure the normal development of her fetus, but also for her own health, as a necessary balance of vitamins helps to carry a child successfully. A greater number of women during pregnancy needs an additional source of vitamins. And the first place belongs to the vitamin-B6. Of course, one should supply the deficiency of micro elements` stocks at all periods of fetal development.

Why is the Vitamin B6 Required During Pregnancy

B6, or Magne B6, or Magnelis B6 are prescribed to expectant mothers as a prophylactic measure. In actual fact, all pregnant women take it during the first weeks, it is indeed the correct medication. The fact is that it helps to maintain an optimal uterine tonus, prevents the development of many diseases. It is tested through practice that the intake of B6 facilitates sufferings of women during toxicosis, even manifestations of toxicosis of many mums-to-be are terminated.

If a pregnant woman has the following symptoms, as muscle pain, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, weakness and fatigue, irritability, the intake of the vitamin B6 and related drugs is indicated.

What is Referred to the Vitamin B6

The first studies of the vitamin B6 were held back in the 30-ies of the previous century, all forms of the vitamin have the root "pyr": pyridoxal, pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, etc. At first, vitamin B6 did not have its own name, it was called antidermatitis factor. That name of the vitamin derived from the fact that when products containing B6 were excluded from the diet of a person, dermatitis (or inflammation of the skin) increased.

By the way, creams laced with B6 are still used for treatment of skin inflammations. This vitamin fulfills many functions in the body: it participates in the synthesis of basic molecules, in the optimization of activities of the nervous system, in the processes of digestion of carbohydrates, it is involved in metabolism of bromide and sulfur, it is also an anti-inflammatory component.

How Much of the Vitamin B6 is Required During Pregnancy

If it is strictly expressed numerically, a daily dose of the vitamin B6 is 1,9 mg. During lactation, a woman should get 2 mg of vitamin B6 per day. Truly speaking, it does not mean that this dosage should be measured every day, it's almost unreal. The main thing is to keep the necessary intake of the vitamin per week.

Can there be too Much of the Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 in Pregnancy

This vitamin does not tend to accumulate in the body, it leaves the organism quickly. In rare cases, the side effects develop in the form of allergies, nausea, blood flow problems and rashes on the skin. If such effects were manifested, you must inform your doctor immediately and stop taking the drug. It is much wiser to comply with the assigned doctor dosage than to experiment with taking drugs.

Vitamin B6 in Food Stuffs

Vitamin B6 is also contained in animal and plant food.

Wholemeal bread with bran. On top of that, it is quite a useful product, especially for expectant mothers. However, by its content of the vitamin B6, it could be called one of the leaders. Teach yourself to eat these bakery products during the period of pregnancy, and you will acquire a useful habit for life.

Eat porridges of uncleaned grain. It can be for breakfast or dinner, no matter. You do an inestimable service for the body in the form of daily consumption of cooked cereals, which is especially important during pregnancy. Potatoes. Remember that fried potatoes lose their useful properties, and in general, fried food is harmful not only to the stomach and intestines of a future mom, but also to her figure. During pregnancy, many women indulge in every pleasure on the grounds that the body asks just what it needs. However, it is a self-deception, a trick of the psyche.

Baked, boiled, braised potatoes can be no less delicious than fried ones. Note potato recipes from various culinary forums. Thus, you will surely discover something new and will restock B6 in the body due to potato dishes as well. Bananas. Besides the fact that this fruit is rich in potassium, which is so beneficial for the heart, it is also a great source of the vitamin B6. Carry it with you in your handbag, in the period of toxicosis, you can suppress the nausea using bananas.

Beans. A light bean salad, a cream soup or a stew are also useful for an expectant mother, and beans are rich in the vitamin B6 as well. Pork. Indeed, this meat is rich in the vitamin B6. However, this does not mean that every day you should eat chops and steaks. All the same, pork is a fatty meat, and taking care of one`s vessels is not canceled. Red offals and liver. Add them to the stew, gravies, burgers. It will be tasty and useful.

Do I Need to Consume Dietary Supplements Containing Vitamin B6?

The most part of mineral and vitamin complexes contains the vitamin B6. Therefore, if the expectant mother's doctor leading her pregnancy prescribes a good multivitamin complex, it is possible that additional medications with B6 are not required.

Deficiency Symptoms of the Vitamin B6

The following symptoms signify shortage of this vitamin in the body:

  • hair loss;
  • numbness of limbs;
  • rapid fatigability;
  • frequent depressive states, irritability;
  • fissures in the corners of the mouth;
  • weakness in muscles;
  • arthritis.

Thus, the vitamin B6 is one of the basic components involved in the most important processes in the body. It affects fetal development, and the state of the mother during pregnancy. Its deficiency in the period of bearing of a child can lead to sad consequences, therefore, in most cases, doctors assign a drug with the vitamin B6 at the early pregnancy.

At the same time, including of food stuffs containing this vitamin into the active diet is not an additional condition, but a required one in the process of the mother`s body replenishing with the vitamin B6. The overdose of this drug rarely happens, but it is not recommended to misuse it. The treatment regimen is prescribed by the doctor and you should adhere to it. At the planning stage of pregnancy, the intake of the vitamin B6 is desirable.

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