Tattoo Removal During Pregnancy

Tattoo Removal During Pregnancy


Can Tattoo Be Removed by Laser During Pregnancy?

It is well known that during pregnancy the character of women often changes, tastes and affections may also change. For example, her earlier favorite tattoo she now wants to remove, so much so that today the unique and highly effective laser tattoo removal technology is used.

Any qualified expert in the field of tattoo knows that doing this during pregnancy is very undesirable, and will not himself perform this procedure. There are 2 reasons why pregnant women cannot remove tattoo with a laser. Firstly, it is a pain, and nobody can predict how a pregnant uterus will behave, whether contractions will appear reflexively, as a result of neuro-vegetative reactions.

The second, equally important reason is the feature of pigment removal after laser exposure. It is not removed by laser, but only burned up to soot and other chemical residues. They are egested gradually in the process of exchange of the skin, getting into the fabric liquid, then in lymph, and then into the blood stream, including that of the fetus through the placenta. And although serious scientific studies on the effects on the fetus were not conducted, following the simple logic, simply ask yourself the question-does your unborn baby need it?

How is the Procedure Itself Transpiring?

The specialist passes by laser emitter across the entire area, covered with a drawing. Under the influence of laser dye particles are broken down and fall into small pieces, which within the next 30 days will be egested easily by the body. As a result, the tattoo will fade and disintegrate in front of your eyes. It is very important that the surface of the skin is not damaged when doing this and infection is excluded.

What Determines Success

Tattoo Removal in Pregnancy

Complete tattoo removal depends on several factors: the size, location, age and color of tattoo, as well as the health of the patient and, consequently, the ability of the body to heal itself. Old tattoos (over 10 years) are removed with difficulty than fresh ones, professional pigment is harder to work with than "home-made". For the full removal of the tattoo a number of procedures with interval of 3-4 week is needed.

Laser tattoo removal sessions depends on the depth of the dye and color of the drawing. Black, dark blue, violet and red tattoo are usually removed faster and easier. The complex tattoo, consisting of many colors, are harder to remove. In these cases, to remove, usually requires a greater number of procedures. Extremely important, apart from the quality of equipment used when removing the tattoo, is the professionalism and experience of the doctor, of which fully depends the selection of the correct parameters and modes of laser tattoo removal.

On the most sensitive areas with thin skin (for example, on the chest or on the shoulder in the armpits area), you may receive a bruise around the tattoo – it is also quite normal.

How Long Does the Session Last?

Single laser tattoo removal procedure, on average, takes only a few minutes, but this time may vary depending on the size of the drawing. For the complete removal of the tattoo you want to go thru multiple sessions (typically from 3 to 8). The recommended interval between them is usually 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the removed drawing and the speed of the processes of dye egestion by your body. It is difficult to determine the exact number of procedures required to completely remove a tattoo. The visible color loss effect is achieved after the first-second session.

The Rehabilitation Period

After the regular tattoo removal procedure the affected area of skin needs to be taken care of. You must not visit baths and saunas. The affected surface will be healed quickly, within 5-7 days. The skin on the affected area can peel off, so it must be constantly moistened. In the first couple of days Bepanten-spray will do fine (comes in the form of a foam, is easily absorbed and is just right for such sensitive areas), and then you can use the normal moisturizer.

Within a few weeks in the area of laser treatment of tattoo redness can persist, this is a normal reaction. After the complete disappearance of tattoo an insignificant bright spot will remain on the former place of the images, which eventually disappears.

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