Symptoms of Dead Baby in Womb

signs of a dead baby in womb


Signs and Symptoms Dead Fetus in the Womb

Missed abortion is a pathology in the course of pregnancy. It means that fetus no longer develops, it’s dead. Missed abortion is also called missed miscarriage since there occur no symptoms that can tell you that the fetus is dead.

Unfortunately, missed miscarriage can happen at any term of the pregnancy, no matter how old a future mother is. At the same time, it’s more common among pregnant woman who are older than 40 years old. Most often, missed miscarriage happens during the first trimester of pregnancy (before the 13th week of pregnancy). The list of possible consequences involves inflammation processes inside a woman’s organism and other unpleasant things.

The reasons for this unpleasant and sometimes dangerous diagnosis can be different. An embryo may have genetic abnormalities. There may be a case of an infection process recurrence. Besides, if a woman drinks alcohol or smokes, these addictions may also result in missed miscarriage. However, there may be other, less obvious, reasons. Still, due to these reasons, your future baby may be in danger. These reasons may have an influence on your ability to get pregnant in future.

The symptoms that occur in case of missed miscarriage are different. They depend on what term of pregnancy missed miscarriage occurs. If missed miscarriage occurs during the second trimester of pregnancy, the symptoms are absolutely different from the symptoms that occur in case missed miscarriage happens during the first trimester.

How to Detect that Your Baby is Dead in Womb on Time

There is a number of factors that help to define whether your baby develops and grows on each stage of pregnancy right the way he/she should. A baby should get enough useful elements that help him/her develop. Besides, it’s important to follow a certain diet. A woman’s genetic “information”, viruses and diseases she has as well as her lifestyle and some other factors – all of these are very important to take into account. The symptoms that occur in case of missed abortion are quite specific. Consequently, doctors can easily diagnose it.

The main symptom of missed miscarriage is when there are no signs of your baby developing and growing. However, you shouldn’t try to make a diagnosis yourself. Besides, it is quite hard to do. If you think that there is a case of missed abortion, you need to go to your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will examine you and tell you to undergo an ultrasound examination. On the basis of the results, he she will be able to say whether the course of pregnancy goes the way it should or not and whether there are symptoms of missed abortion or not. This is the best and the most effective way to find out whether your baby is dead in womb or not.

Symptoms of Dead Baby in Womb

If a woman knows the symptoms of dead baby in womb, she will be able to go to a doctor on time and get necessary treatment. As a rule, this pathology occurs on the very early terms of pregnancy. Consequently, you should be very attentive during this period.

Very often, the first symptoms are detected only when a woman undergoes a planned examination or goes to her gynecologist. At the same time, a case of dead baby in the womb may be detected several weeks after its death due to the fact that on the early stages of pregnancy there are no obvious signs of it. In order to detect the death of an embryo, a woman needs to undergo an examination.

The symptoms that occur in case the death of a baby happens on the late stages of pregnancy are rather different. The tonus of the uterus decreases, your baby is no longer moving, breast engorgement stops, you feel week and distressed and there is feeling of weight in your belly. It’s impossible not to notice that your baby, who has been moving his/her legs all the time, doesn’t move anymore. Before the case of the baby’s death is detected, a woman may feel fine. There may be no pain or discomfort, toxicosis disappears, she wants to eat and feels quite healthy. However, the fact is that her baby has already been dead for some time. This is a real tragedy for every mother. That’s why you should be very attentive. If you notice any symptoms of missed miscarriage, go to your doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Dead Baby in Womb on Early Stages of Pregnancy

The very first symptoms that tells you that there is something wrong is a sudden disappearance of toxicosis (if a woman has it). Besides, all the rest symptoms that appear if you are pregnant disappear as well. Basal body temperature decreases, there is no painful sensations when you touch your breast etc.

Symptoms of Dead Baby in Womb on Late Stages of Pregnancy

There may occur different symptoms if a baby dies in womb on late terms of pregnancy. One of the most common symptoms is painful sensations. If there are painful sensations in the lower area of your belly and you also have blood-tinged discharge, there may be a case of miscarriage that occurred because of the gestational sac spalling. Actually, everything may be vice-versa. A woman may start to feel better. She will feel good up until the fetus starts to sphacelate. It’s impossible not to notice the symptoms of missed miscarriage on the late terms of pregnancy. Very often, the most common sign of missed miscarriage on the late terms of pregnancy is that a baby stops moving.

However, it doesn’t mean that missed miscarriage will be necessarily accompanied by these obvious symptoms. A woman’s belly may continue to grow and blood tests will show that she’s pregnant. Still, a baby may be already dead and it’s not him/her that’s developing, it’s the gestational sac. It’s almost impossible for you to diagnose missed miscarriage yourself. That’s why you should and need to undergo an examination.


  • Tracy woidward says:

    My 16 year old niece is 16& a half weeks pregnant was told at her 12 week scan that her baby had got a lot of fluid at the bk of the neck and today she went for another scan and she was told her baby had died in the womb she has got to go tomora to take a tablet to start her labour and then she has got to in to hospital on Sunday to born the baby wat else happens from here has well olz

  • Linda beegle says:

    How much danger if a baby died inside at four months and left in there for weeks and what is the procedure they do to remove the baby

  • Jen says:

    So sorry for your niece as well as your lost.. god bless ❤️

  • Gladys says:

    I am 12 weeks pregnant I just discovered last week and all along I’ve been sleeping with my stomach all night… now my belly is soft I don’t feel anything related to pregnancy and when I pee it becomes painful, what’s going on with me??

  • ahad says:

    May Allah give her mom strength ameen

  • Laura says:

    Hi.all am 27 weeks pregnant all of a sudden baby stop moveing am findingng it hard to breath at times and got pains in left hand side it gets paonfall sitting down then easust of when i stand what could tbis be x

  • Roxana says:

    My name is Roxana. I just loss my baby on 12/29/17. He died two weeks early in my belly on 12/14/17. My body rejected the baby after two weeks. So I get birth to my son.

  • Kaye says:

    I’m kaye I’m 22 yrs old on my 3rd pregnancy but I’m 4 months now but I don’t feel any movements and enlargement of my belly.

  • rolly says:

    How possible if you’re pregnant test by urine find nagative but but by scan positive

  • Kat says:

    I’m a first time mom I’m about 16 to 17 weeks now and my breast doesn’t really feel sore and my stomach hurts, I don’t really feel any cramps or anything like that sometimes it feels like I don’t feel the baby in there and its really scaring me. Is my baby ok?

  • Ann-queen says:

    Im 19 wks prgnant,my baby reduces time of moving ,it kicks slwer this days like 3 times a day .what really happen to hr

  • Atina says:

    My name is Atina I did ivf on the 24of February n my pregnancy test was positive but on my 9 weeks I had an appointment with the Doctor the scan showed no fetal heart beat .I m really don’t know the cause

  • Adelaide says:

    am 24 weeks pregnant and. I feel a lot of pain within my abdomen and I have been bleeding and there is a little movement of my baby wat might be. the cause?

  • Um Ali says:

    i lost my baby boy at 25th wek of gestional on last friday and this trauma is not letting me go anywhere else in the world… i didnt feel any noticable baby’s movemnet for about one month on fridays scan i came to knownthat he is dead no more…. this saddest part and loss of my life unbearable… dr says it might b he was not getting food supply or oxygen

  • Ruhi says:

    My pregnancy test is negative but my stomach looks bigger is im pregnant

  • Grayson says:

    My twin brother died less than 3 weeks journey into life. My mum was very sick on our pregnancy. I found out last year after a psychotherapy told me.could the dead twin be in the aft erbirth record .I was born in 1980.conceived 1975

  • Hopeful says:

    Same issue am having, boobs still big, breast still sore. Am so confused.

  • Nic says:

    How can you be conceived 5 years before your birth?

  • Alexia Doe says:

    Am 21 years of ageI got pregnant in my final year in high school, took abortion medicine but i think it didn’t work because i didn’t see any crumps as i was told and now my tummy is still flat but test confirms am pregnant almost 7months but tummy still as a normal person. What do i do now??

  • Ysabelle says:

    Have yourself check by the ob gynecologist and have ultrasound

  • Awethu Silinga says:

    Am 24w3d I didn’t feel movements of my baby for week reported it to doctor same time and went to scan said he can see heartbeat said must come back after week which is I did and he told me that the baby is dead. Why didn’t he see this coming cause his a doctor need answers

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