Stye in Eye During Pregnancy

Stye in Eye During Pregnancy


Stye in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women can contract any illness, therefore, you should be well-prepared. The load on their immunity is doubled, because the body contains the fetus, which needs "care", and consequently, the immunity is no longer copes with the protection of the body from all kinds of infections as well as before. Stye belongs to possible contagions and infections. What should you do if you have it and how to get rid of it?

–°auses and Manifestations of the Disease

The introduction of infection is the primary cause of stye of pregnant women. It usually occurs in the form of harmful bacteria getting into the sebaceous glands. The start of barley growing can be launched by rubbing itching area by your hands. It can also be formed in eyelashes` bulbs, which may get a mite that can also procreate there.

Only laboratory assessment can reveal it. Stye is often tolerated in an acute form, though it starts with innocuous itching and redness of an eyelid margin. After a few days, the tubercle inflames and blushes, the yellow head of barley appears. Barley usually goes away itself after 3-4 days, when the accumulated pus escapes out of it on its own, and afterwards, all the symptoms go away gradually as well.

Quick Way to Eliminate Stye

It is much wiser to prevent the disease than to fight against it. With the emergence of stye, from which anyone is hardly protected, one should not tempt to cure it and begin to act with the first symptoms; in other words, as soon as a tubercle appears, one should cauterize it with iodine. This should be done as follows: gently pull the eyelid, dub the inflamed area with iodine. Try to avoid the iodine contact with the mucosa, as, otherwise, it can burn it.

Moreover, pregnant women should not willfully experiment with other means of treatment without consulting a doctor. It is advisable to contact an eye doctor, who can help to avoid complications during pregnancy, because they can cause great harm to the sense of vision and even adversely affect the child. He will advise the best medication in this case. There are no such medications in stores, where goods for pregnant women are sold; one can find them only in pharmacies.

What to do if the Stye is Draining?

If the sore formation has drained, you first need to dub it with iodine. Afterwards, grease the area around the eyelid with ointment Bonafton or with 1% tetracycline ointment. Don't forget about the carefulness of the entire procedure to prevent getting of bacteria from stye into mucous membranes or the eyelid. Don't forget that sepsis can result from stye.

The black tea brew not mixed with anything else can provide bactericidal effect. It is allowed to rinse the eye with it. The thing that one should not do in any case is to press out pus on your own- this will leave a scar on the skin and in the worst case, will lead to sepsis.

How to Treat Stye in Pregnancy

Pregnant women have the same way of stye treatment except for antibacterial therapy. It is strongly recommended not to conduct it at an early pregnancy, therefore, noticing the first symptoms of stye, one should consult a specialist. Moreover, it is better to follow some guidelines for the time: for example, to abandon the cosmetics, and certainly not to impale the tubercle on your own. If barley has just inflamed, treat (dub) it with iodine. Laevomycetin drops can be dropped into the eye, you can also treat the eye with dry heat by applying it to stye.

If the disease is with complications, antibacterial agents can be prescribed. They have quite a strong effect, therefore, many pregnant women do not take antibiotics, although doctors sometimes opt for their prescription, given the lack of negative impact at their local application. Folk remedies also offer a wide range of treatments that are safe for pregnant women, which is very important for child bearing.

In this case, folk medicine is represented by different applications: application of warm eggs, baked onions or warm potatoes. Herbal lotion can also serve as a natural safe treatment. Such lotions can be with Calendula, Chamomile and other plants. Thus, the stye of pregnant women can be cured in different ways, including folk methods and drugs. Just consider the recommendations of the experts and be careful.

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