Stomach Ache in Babies

Stomachache in Babies


Stomach Ache in Newborn Babies

Why neonates are having stomachache, could we prevent this problem, and if it has already occurred, how to help your child? To help you understand your baby, let's take a look at the causes of anxiety of the little one.

Why Does a Newborn Have a Stomach Ache?

The newborn cannot show where it aches, and what exactly. The mom needs to carefully watch the behavior of the little one and his condition to find out the reason.

And the cause of stomachache can be:

  • intestinal colic;
  • swelling of the tummy;
  • constipation in a newborn.

With intestinal colic the child kicks with legs, often tightens them to his stomach and with flatulence and constipation the kid will have a taut tummy.

How to Help When a Newborn Has a Stomach Ache?

stomach ache in newborn babies

First, contact your pediatrician, tell him: how the kid behaves, his appetite and stool-all this will help the doctor to correctly identify the cause of stomachache in the newborn and prescribe the treatment.

And we, in the meantime, will try to learn some tips from experienced moms which can help you and your baby in solving this problem:

  • what does the mom do when her baby cries and is disturbed? Exactly, she takes the baby in her hands and pulls to herself. And this is really the right decision. The baby immediately becomes easier from the mom's warmth. He hears the heart beat familiar for him and realizes that he is not alone, he is loved and will be helped;
  • you can warm the baby's tummy with your palm, you can also heat the diaper with an iron and attach it to the belly of the little one;
  • in afore times the grandmas rolled on the tummy of the child a ball of woolen yarn clockwise, now you can do just stroking palm massage, but also in a clockwise direction. Thus, you are pushing the accumulated gases to exit;
  • do with a toddler the exercise "bike": put the baby on his back and alternately press his legs to the stomach;
  • dill water can cure the stomachache in newborns. Today you can buy it at the drug store or prepare it yourself. You can give to the baby the prepared water in small quantities during the day;
  • there are special baby soothing teas, which are sold over the counter, but first ask the doctor about them;
  • if the cause of stomachache in the newborn is the bloating, you can try to "withdraw" the gases of the kid with the help of the vapor tube. But only do not often resort to such measures, let the baby learn to pass gases himself;
  • if the little one suffers constipation, try to clysterize him. But this, of course, if other methods of treatment of constipation in newborns do not help;
  • there are also special medications that destroy the gases in the intestines of the child and help to clear them. Before you administer them, again, talk to your doctor.

How to Prevent the Stomach Ache in a Newborn?

Breastfeed your newborn. The newborns are rarely bothered by stomachache, if they are breastfed. Therefore, if you are a mom who breastfeeds, you must follow a diet: you should not eat black bread, cabbage, beans, beets, tomatoes, drink soda.

Try to stick to a diet for breastfeeding moms, at least during the first three months, while the ventricle of the little one learns to independently and efficiently digest the food. Choose carefully the milk formula for the newborn. This does not mean that you have to try out all the milk formulas to choose which one is best suited for the baby.

It is not worth experimenting like this, because the result may be the same stomachache. After consulting with a pediatrician, choose one firm and stick to the desired feeding schedule. Before feeding spread the newborn on his stomach. By the way, many toddlers love already from birth to sleep on the tummy, maybe your baby will like it too?

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  • Bethel Madison says:

    Toddler tea is a wonderful natural remedy to treat constipation and other tummy issues in toddlers. I've used this tea for both my kids and settled their bowel movement.

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