Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Sex Drive During Pregnancy


Libido During Pregnancy

Some during pregnancy do not want sex. All understand this: such changes occur in the body. Others have sexual desire during this period greatly increased. Why is it so?

Typically the attitude to sex during pregnancy varies. Some couples fully give themselves to the intimacy and their relationship becomes more vivid and liberating, especially if prior to pregnancy they were forced to use contraception. Others, for fear of harming the baby, avoid sexual contact. For some couples pregnancy is the period of the greatest manifestations of erotic feelings, others, on the contrary, are experiencing a decline of sexual desire. The mood of women during pregnancy is choppy as ever, and the possibility of sexual relations is heavily dependent on the well-being of the expectant mother.

Sex Drive During Pregnancy Trimesters

First Trimester

As a rule, in the first trimester the woman's sexual appetite is waning in connection with toxicosis, weakness and drowsiness, the need to recognize her new status and the adoption of the new role. Many couples are afraid to risk provoking an early miscarriage and avoid sexual contact.

However, women who do not have early manifestations of toxicity, may feel a strong desire to make love and gladly succumb to this drive. This is also the result of hormonal background during pregnancy.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mother usually feels better, toxemia and mood swings are behind. Thee belly still does not interfere with the couple making love, and many use this time for the manifestation of feelings of tenderness and care for each other. A woman's body undergoes specific changes that can have a positive impact on the feelings of the partners during sex. The breasts increase and become more sensitive, blood flow to the uterus and vagina increases, which leads to increased sexual pleasure. Many moms note that during this period the orgasm becomes more vivid and intense, and someone generally experiencing it for the first time. However, if a man acts too aggressively, the woman may experience discomfort and even pain. The partner must be more gentle and considerate in sexual manifestations.

Third Trimester

In the third trimester, even if there is a strong desire, lovemaking is difficult due to the growing tummy. And the couple will have to make the utmost ingenuity to find a comfortable posture for both. But usually the marital desire during this period is winding down. The expectant mother is increasingly immersed in contact with the child and thoughts about the upcoming childbirth. The man is also increasingly trying on the role of parent and avoids full sexual intercourse for fear of harming the baby. Besides, sex during this period provokes tension of the uterus and may cause painful sensations to the woman.

Before Childbirth

By the beginning of the fortieth week, a woman may feel a strong desire and begin to show sexual activity. During lovemaking a huge amount of endorphins are released in the blood - hormones of happiness and pleasure. Endorphins play important roles during birth-they have analgesic effect. Therefore, lovemaking just before birth can be favorable for it.

Useful Tips for Better Sex

A complete and long-lasting sex life rarely is built in one day. It develops over time, with patience, understanding and love. This is especially true for relationships that continue during pregnancy with its physical and psychological metamorphosis.

In order to avoid problems in the sexual sphere, try the following tips:

  • Do not ponder on whether often enough you're making love. Quality is more important than quantities, especially during pregnancy.
  • Try new poses and try to get used to them.
  • If you're tired in the evening, make love when you want it most of all.
  • Please note that your upcoming parental responsibility can create you an extra psychological tension and affect the intensity of the sex drive. Openly talk about it with each other, not trying to deny that. If you can't deal with the problem yourself, contact a specialist.
  • Some women during pregnancy for the first time have orgasms, others have a decrease in libido.
  • It is not necessary to focus on the orgasm, if you are afraid that it will cause uterine contractions (although contractions after orgasm are not related to those that cause birth). You can also make love without penetration.

The pregnancy can help you open a new sensuality and explore your partner's body.

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