Pregnancy After 50

Pregnancy After 50


Natural Pregnancy After 50 Years Old

Pregnancy is a great event, especially if you’ve been planning it. However, in case you don’t want to get pregnant, have no strength and your health is not that good, pregnancy is likely to turn out to be a hard challenge for you. In this article, we’ll tell you if it’s possible to get pregnant when you’re over 50 and what to do if you happen to be pregnant after 50.

First Pregnancy and Delivery When You’re 50 Years Old

If a woman has knowingly decided to refuse having babies in her life, finding out that she is pregnant with her first baby when she’s 50 may come as a mere shock for her. In case a woman preferred to use other means of contraception instead of undergoing a sterilization operation (a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked), she’ll be happy to notice symptoms of menopause. From now on, there is no need to think of contraception at all since it is impossible to get pregnant.

A woman can relax. Still, sometimes the whole situation may turn out as quite an unpleasant surprise. There may be a possibility for you to get pregnant due to the fact that your periods may not stop once and for all. Consequently, there is a possibility of getting pregnant for 2 years starting from the moment you notice the first symptoms of menopause. Very often, it so happens that, during this period, pregnancy is detected when the term is late.

Getting Accidentally Pregnant and Giving Birth to a Baby

It's a rare case for a woman over 50 to knowingly get pregnant. There should be some serious reasons for doing so. For example, a woman may marry a different man. One more reason for getting knowingly pregnant after 50 is in case a woman has lost her grown-up child and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make up for this terrible loss.

As a rule, those who are 50+ years old have to go to fertility specialists to get pregnant. There are cases when fertilized ovums of a 50 year old daughter where introduced into the womb of her mother due to the fact that, for some reason, a daughter is unable to carry a baby.

Still, most often, there is a case when a woman that is over 50 gets pregnant accidentally. As a rule, such like woman has already been through the period of pre-menopause and she thinks that periods so not come because there is the period of menopause. If she is having toxicosis, she assumes that the reason for it is menopause. The first movements of her baby are considered to be a case of flatulence that occurred because she ate something that she shouldn’t have eaten. A woman finds out that she’s pregnant accidentally. She visits her doctor and her usual set of complaints includes menopause, hypertension, intoxication etc.

Possible Risks

It’s not only a woman who is likely to have complications. Her baby is also likely to have them. Pregnancy and the process of labor in case a woman is over 50 is dangerous for the health of both – the mother and her baby.

Risks that you’re most likely to have:

  • Spontaneous abortion;
  • Advanced labour;
  • Death of either the baby or mother herself;
  • Placental insufficiency;
  • Abruption of placenta;
  • Chronic diseases getting worse. New pathologies occurring in a mother’s body;
  • Abnormalities in the development and genes of a fetus.

Before a woman over 50 decides to give birth to a baby, she should think over not only social and psychological aspects, but also the fact that she, as well as her future baby, are likely to have complications. You should consult with number of specialists and undergo full medical examination before you make the final decision.

Pregnancy and Giving Birth to a Baby in a Natural Way After 50

Almost in all cases, the only solution is surgical delivery. Giving birth in a natural way as well as getting pregnant in case you are over 50 are only possible if the health condition of a woman is good, there are no chronic diseases and the course of pregnancy is going fine. Actually, this is a rare case nowadays even if a woman in labour is quite young.

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