Pink Discharge During Pregnancy

Pink Discharge During Pregnancy


Pink Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

During the course of pregnancy, there occur lots of significant changes in the organism of a pregnant woman. Hormonal balance and the intensity of blood circulation change. Besides, there is an additional load on all the abdominal cavity organs.

All these changes may seem quite strange and even scary. There may occur pink discharge that may scare a future mother. You shouldn’t panic. Remember that every symptom occurs for a reason.

The Reasons for the Occurrence of Pink Discharge During Pregnancy

On the early stage of pregnancy, pink discharge may occur due to an increased sensitivity of inner genital organs. Moreover, this discharge may be a sign of an increased blood circulation in the pelvis. The mentioned above discomfort may occur after transvaginal ultrasound examination, after the check-up your gynecologist carried out with the help of a gynecological speculum and even during a sexual intercourse.

Sometimes, there accumulates blood under the placental abruptions. This blood may get out of your organism in the form of pink discharge. This discharge proves that the uterus and the fetus are “successfully united”.

The second reason for the occurrence of pink discharge on the early stage of pregnancy may be your hormonal balance. A pregnant woman may feel discomfort on those days when she is supposed to have periods. There is nothing to worry about here. You may feel drawing pain in the lower area of your belly and your back.

The Reasons for the Occurrence of Pink Discharge on the Late Stage of Pregnancy

If the discharge occurs on the late stage of pregnancy, it may be a sign of the placental abruption or presentation. If a pregnant woman feels pain in the area of the small of her back and there is a reddish mucous discharge from her vagina that occurs on a regular basis, she should consult her doctor. These symptoms may be signs of pathologies.

If there isn’t much time left before your labour should begin, pink discharge may occur due to the fact that the mucus plug gets out. It protect the neck of the womb during the course of pregnancy. Once it is expelled, it means that the labour activity will start soon.

Light Pink or Peach Colored Discharge During Pregnancy

pink tissue discharge during pregnancy

If your discharge is peach colored, it means that there is blood in it. In some cases, blood in your discharge occurs due to the high sensitivity of the vaginal epithelial tissue. The thing is that it may get damaged during the ultrasound examination or a regular checkup (gynecological speculum). As a rule, this discharge will disappear by itself. It doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Sometimes it so happens that light pink discharge occurs on those days when a woman had periods before pregnancy. The organism of a woman got used to periods during this time. That’s why the weak mucus shell of the uterus may bleed a bit. There may be small ruptures in it.

Apart from what’s mentioned, there are the following reasons for pink discharge in case of pregnant women:

  • a slight placental abruption;
  • ectopia of the neck of the womb’s epithelial tissue;
  • the implantation of the gestational sac in the surface tissues of the uterus in the beginning of pregnancy;
  • the fact that the mucus plug, that blocks the neck of the womb, is expelled;
  • the leakage of the labour waters due to the premature abruption of the gestation sac.

If you have discharge that makes you worry and it is accompanied by the pain in the lower area of your belly, you need to consult your gynecologist.

Cases When You Should Pay Special Attention to Your Discharge During Pregnancy

If pink discharge turns into dark red discharge while the amount of mucous gets significantly increased, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. If the discharge is abundant, it may be a serious symptom of possible miscarriage. There are different reasons for the occurrence of such like symptoms.

The first reason for it is infection. It may be quite dangerous for a pregnant woman. Here there is a need to take a sample. Dark discharge during pregnancy may mean that you have a hematoma. This clogged blood gets out of your organism. Only your doctor is able to help you tackle this problem while keeping you and your baby safe. He/she may prescribe you vitamins and hormonal drugs.

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