Nipples When Pregnant

Nipples When Pregnant


Nipples When Pregnant

Since the fertilized egg is implanted in the womb, the mom’s-to-be body starts undergoing drastic changes aimed at helping her to carry the baby. Hormones produced by the body before, change their concentration (estrogen, progesterone becomes more active), which has various manifestations. Breast changes often suggest to a woman that the conception was a success.

The breasts start changing already since 10-15 days from the conception, namely after the egg’s implantation. Not only women’s breasts undergo changes, but also nipples. This process lasts until the end of pregnancy, and a short time after the baby’s born (approximately 2-7 days).

Nipple Sensitivity During Pregnancy

One of the signs of pregnancy is nipples’ sensitivity. After a while, this fact starts irritating the expectant mom - as any touch triggers discomfort and drives her mad. Before the start of menstruation, nipples also become very sensitive. Quite often, a woman doesn’t expect that she’s pregnant, as she thinks that it’s a manifestation of menstruation.

As soon as you feel pain in the nipple, you’d better opt for the simplest and comfy bra. The bra’s cups should be smooth and soft, without seams and decorative elements (they irritate your nipples). Doctors recommend to get ready for breast feeding by putting pieces of rough cloth in the bra to reduce nipples’ sensitivity.

Air baths are also very favorable for women breasts. They reduce painful sensations. Moreover, your husband will be happy with this procedure! Nipples become sensitive to protect the breasts from stimulation causing oxytocin production, which triggers uterine contraction.

Swelling of Nipples

Throughout the pregnancy, breasts increase in size by one-three times. Nipples and breasts swell. All of this happens because the hormones are more active. A nipple acquires an elongated shape, gets bigger and more relief. Most women are unhappy with such changes, unlike men.

Darkening of Nipples

what does your nipples look like when pregnant

When nipples get darker, a woman may suspect a pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy include darkening of the areola and nipples. This happens not in all women, but quite often nipples get darker, as well as labia.

Сolostrum Leaking

Already after the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman may notice colostrum leakage (transparent yellowish liquid) from the nipples, but more often it happens closer to the delivery (approximately in the third trimester). This fact is due to the hormones, which get the breasts ready for breastfeeding.

Attention! If you see colostrum leaking from the nipples, don’t try to squeeze it out! Gently wipe it and observe hygiene. If you wish, you can use pads for breasts. By the way, it’s very useful to moisten your nipples with colostrum, thus they won’t crack or get dry.

Nipple Stimulation

The last issue to discuss is nipple stimulation during pregnancy. It’s quite an important topic. Be very careful about nipples’ stimulation. Men really like forms that women acquire during pregnancy. They just can’t leave your breasts unattended! But, it’s unsafe. Nipple stimulation during pregnancy causes the uterus in tone, which threatens with a miscarriage or premature birth. However, in late pregnancy or prolonged pregnancy, natural nipples’ stimulation is very useful. You’d better not run risks and try not to touch nipples before the birth.

It should be noted that changes in the breasts and nipples described in this article may not manifest themselves during pregnancy. In some women breasts don’t undergo hormonal changes up to the delivery. Their breasts start hardening and swelling only when they’re full with milk. Don’t worry if you don’t have breasts’ changes - it’s normal. Every woman is special, as well as her pregnancy course.

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