Needle and Thread Gender Test

Needle and Thread Gender Test


How to do a Needle and Thread Gender Test

This simple trick helps you not only to predict your child’s gender, but also allows you to learn how many kids you will have. Take a needle and thread it. Use a white thread for the best result. Hold the needle by the thread with your right hand. Turn your left hand palm up and move your thumb to the side.

Lower the needle between your index finger and thumb three times. Now hold the needle about 1 cm above your left hand. The needle will be either moving from side to side or circling. If it’s circling you are going to have a baby girl. If the needle is moving from side to side, it means you’re going to have a baby boy. You’ve just learnt the gender of your first child.

Repeat the whole procedure from the start and you will learn your second child’s gender. Repeat the procedure until the needle freezes above your palm. That’s it; you’ve learnt your number of children. Remember, the needle and thread trick shows the gender starting from your first child, so if you already have children, you can simply check if this test works for you.

Video: Needle and Thread Baby Gender Test

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