Low Body Temperature in Early Pregnancy

Low Body Temperature in Early Pregnancy


Low Body Temperature During Early Pregnancy

The human body temperature is the factor that first reacts to some disorders in the body and that may be corrected independently, with no medical aid. In case of any sickness, we first go and measure the body temperature. During pregnancy, the need to control the body temperature may be the routine procedure.

The slight increase in the body temperature up to subfebrile levels is the normal body response to pregnancy and it is even considered one of its first signs. However, there are cases when the body temperature values decrease in this period and sometimes the values are too low. We will try to find out whether this is the body response to pregnancy or other reasons of the deviation from normal limits should be found.

Why is the Body Temperature Low in Pregnancy?

Any woman may feel necessary to measure her body temperature when she feels weak and chill all of a sudden. More than likely, she suspects of the fever. Thus, low body temperature below 36 °С is surprising for mothers-to-be. If too low body temperature is discovered during pregnancy— plus-minus 35.5 °С, — she feels more frightened and for good reason.

The body temperature in pregnancy may decrease for changes that occur in the body of the pregnant woman. That period, the immune system weakens and a woman feels dietary deficiency (vitamins and microelements), and hence, the fatigue and low temperature seem reasonable. If a woman, in addition, has the severe toxicosis with vomiting, she cannot eat and drink properly, she will feel sick and the likelihood is extremely high for such a health state. Among other things, the intoxication (or toxicosis) may cause disorders in the body thermal control both by the body temperature increasing and decreasing.

Low Body Temperature During Pregnancy

As for the deficit of certain substances, the body temperature may be, in particular, caused by the iron deficiency which is often reported during pregnancy. Similarly, the body response to other body disorders, including vegetovascular dystonia, hypotension (arterial blood drop). Most pregnant women report on desudation (high sweating) that can be also the reason for the thermal control disorder. On the top of it, stresses, neurological disorders, emotional upheaval and physical fatigue and other factors cannot be neglected. In most cases, the drop in body temperature is short-term and the health recovers after some rest and sedation.

Nevertheless, sharp and considerable decrease in body temperature during pregnancy should be alerting. Never try to neglect it and seek for the professional help with the general practitioner or your gynecologist. You may also need to be consulted by other specialists, including the endocrinologist, since the stable body temperature decrease often follows endocrine system disorder. This is also frequent during pregnancy since hormonal imbalance is common in mothers-to-be.

You should see the doctor at all times when the low temperature is stable for several days even if you feel as usual.

Low Body Temperature During Pregnancy

However, never be sure that the low body temperature follows some diseases or disorders in your health. Among other reasons that may cause the temperature drop the health condition during pregnancy is also noted by doctors. Moreover, some health care professional recommend to test for pregnancy when consulting women with the complaint on the decrease in body temperature.

The point is that both high and low body temperature during pregnancy may be within the physiological limits as the response to a new life formation. In addition, the low temperature may be specific feature of health in certain women. If a woman does not regularly measure her body temperature she cannot be aware of that feature of her body.

How to Increase the Body Temperature During Pregnancy?

If you are a doctor and confirm absence of any diseases and body system disorders that may cause a decrease in body temperature, then you don’t’ need to worry and no special precautions are needed in such cases.

The balanced diet, good sleep, good rest and favorable emotional environment are required for a woman gestating pregnancy. Sometimes, a woman needs only a good sleep or some more rest and more vitamins and the body temperature normalizes

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