How to Make Your Sperm Strong for Pregnancy

How to Make Your Sperm Strong and Healthy for Pregnancy


How to Make Your Sperm Healthy for Pregnancy

Virtually all men believe that the process of planning the pregnancy ends with the rejection of contraception. It is hard to meet a man that treats to his address the problems with conceiving, even harder to find the representative of the stronger sex, which agrees with the possibility of his infertility. However, sperm quality varies from even how long the man has abstained or, conversely, how often he has sex. Let's see, what should be the preparation for conception of future dads and how to improve sperm quality.

What Determines the Strength of Sperm?

To conceive and give birth to a healthy baby, men's sperm must be active and adequate. In medicine, the ability to produce viable offspring is called fertility.

"Competitiveness" of sperm is dependent on many factors: In addition to the physiology, it is the lack of stress, and good nutrition, and safe environment. Unfortunately, today the problem of weakness of male functions is highly relevant. Scientists are feverishly looking for a panacea for reduced male fertility. It is thanks to this the technology in vitro fertilization was invented, which is able to give joy of fatherhood, even to men with very poor sperm.

However, it is worth while to rely on advances in science, especially if in most cases it is real to create optimal conditions for spermatogenesis without resorting to the services of high medicine. Sometimes in order to improve the quality and viability of the male sperm it is enough to observe simple recommendations.

How to Improve Semen Quality

To mature the sperm needs 72-75 days, and then another 2-3 weeks to "ripen" in the epididymis. A man who wants to become a father, must provide to his own reproductive system conditions perfect for ripening, preferably for all three months. If you do not do this the sperm may be lethargic, stiff, but what's worse, it may be insufficient or absent. But how to improve sperm quality and what hampers it to become healthful?

Temperature Mode

In fact the nature is very wise and therefore male sex gland is located outside for a reason. For a full quality sperm maturation the temperature in the testicles should be a couple of degrees lower. In the warmer months, the man is recommended to prefer trousers free cut and of the cotton fabric. Tight-fitting pants, as well as unnecessarily warm, not according to the weather, provoke the accumulation of heat in the testicular area, that has pretty bad effect on spermatogenesis and therefore on the quality of sperm, its activity and vitality.

In order for the sperm of a man for the next day becomes partially "safe" it is enough for him to spend an hour in the sauna. History proves that this method was used in the East to prevent unwanted pregnancies: before the night of passion a man spent some time sitting on a bucket with boiling water.

Overheating of the scrotum can be obtained by taking an overly hot shower, tub, often visiting bath, when wearing too tight swimming trunks or trousers, use for night sleep electric blankets. All this can disrupt the formation of sperm.

Even a banal flu with three-days temperature of 38-39°C is able to impair sperm viability indicators for the next three months. But this will not be enough for a full recovery, it will take another two months.

In addition, it is harmful to stay at the wheel for a long time, especially for obese men. By the way, loose pants are called family ones for a good reason-tight slips are detrimental to the testes, they violate the thermoregulation.

Drugs that Kill Sperm

Conventional analgesics can cause abnormalities in sperm production, not to mention more serious medications! Hormonal drugs are very dangerous for spermatogenesis, not only those which have estrogens in the composition (female hormones).

Particular attention should be paid to drugs with the male hormone testosterone. They are often prescribed to improve spermatogenesis, and, unfortunately, their often administration is fraught with effect of "pharmacological castration": the brain with an increase in testosterone levels in the blood sends a command to the endocrine system, and to sexual glands in particular, to suspend its production. The level of testosterone in male sex glands for proper formation of sperm should be 10-20 times higher than its level in the blood, and this cannot be achieved by means of pills.

In addition, harmful to male fertility are: antibiotics, hormonal steroids used for quick pumping of muscles, as well as medicines, appointed with asthma and allergies. Therefore, if the future father has a health problem, it is better to postpone the procedure of conception until full recovery. In the event of prolonged or permanent admission of medications, consult with your doctor about its effects on conception and quality of sperm.

Stressful Mood

Paradoxically, but even banal family quarrel can result in the deterioration of spermatogenesis. The fact of the matter is that produced by the adrenal glands in situations of stress corticoid hormones in their structure are very similar to sex ones, but unlike them have a strong antiandrogenic effect. No wonder they say: "Do not breed in captivity". Therefore, in an effort to have a baby, don't forget the psychological aspect, it is not necessary to have sex "voluntarily enforced", strictly under the schedule of women's ovulation and under pressure, in fact, on a pleasant, romantic conception process. The best approach is to make love with pleasure for a few months.

How to Improve Sperm Quality?

We would like to calm down you at once: it is not worth it to pull your husband by his ear to the nearest medical centre for infertility treatment, if conception did not happened immediately-this is normal. In former times, the married couple was "suspected" in infertility, if within a year of fruitless attempts the pregnancy has not happened. Modern doctors are even less categorical- they believe normal the term of up to two years, but after that the couple is recommended to consult the specialists.

But the conscious man who wants the paternity during pregnancy planning must along with a woman undergo a preventive medical examination. This helps to avoid many problems and vain tizzies later. You need to check the status of your health before problems occur.

First, it is necessary to examine the body for the presence of latent infections, including sexually transmitted diseases. The next step is figuring out the presence of chronic diseases and infections. It is not worth to treat it superficially, it might appear that the habitual sore throat, disturbing at times, is a chronic tonsillitis, able to deliver a lot of problems, not only in the process of conception, but also at the stage of gestation of the child, as well as affect the baby's health.

Semen Analysis

If there is the slightest problem with the conception, be sure to make an analysis of sperm. This detailed analysis will evaluate the quality of semen and, if necessary, help individually assign the treatment in time.

Spermogram is performed when diagnosing prostatitis, male infertility and other diseases of the genitourinary system. To get the semen for the analysis masturbation is recognized as the ideal method. This method is recommended, among other things, by the WHO (World Health Organization) for a number of reasons. Collection of sperm in the condom is not possible due to lubricants, perniciously effecting the sperm, in particularly complex cases, the spouses can be offered special condoms without lubricants. And interrupted coitus is not practiced as well-the sperm sample can be "spoiled" by the cells of vaginal origin, or by the fragments of female microflora. Semen volume is very important for reliability of the analysis. Also keep in mind that the first part of the ejaculate is rich with sperm.

Before taking the sperm analysis sexual abstinence is recommended for 3-5 days. This is the optimal time: the lesser time leads to a decrease in the volume of sperm and reduced the number of spermatozoa in its composition, more time-reduce mobility and increase of the number of abnormal sperm. Two weeks before making the analysis it is necessary to renounce alcohol, to reduce the amount of nicotine intake, and drinking coffee.

Advices to Men to Improve Sperm Quality

Food. Foods rich in proteins, trace elements and vitamins influence the quality and quantity of sperm. Important for the future father trace element is zinc which is contained in pumpkin seeds, dried apricots , nuts, honey, green tea. The body can get phosphorus, calcium and potassium from parsley and celery. Useful products for the formation of viable active sperm are: fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood.

Coolness is useful. It is useful for a man to take a cool shower several times a day. A cool or contrast shower also gives good effect just a few hours before sexual relations. The main thing to remember: You need a cool, but not hypothermia!

Weather conditions. It turns out that the time of the year also has a significant impact on ability to conceive a child. The most productive in terms of the number of sperm are the spermatozoa in late autumn and early spring. And the most mobile spermatozoa are at the end of the summer season and at the beginning of autumn. Absolutely perfect season for the conception is the beginning of winter-spermatozoa benefit from coolness.

Relaxing video. Maybe you, dear ladies, will not like it, but the voyeur on couples who have sex, may be useful. Viewing stimulates the body to produce viable sperm.

With the opinion about the dangers of microwaves for sperm agree most specialists in this field. Men's habit of wearing a mobile phone in a trouser pocket or on a belt is harmful to the reproductive system.

And make love more often! Regular sexual activity will greatly improve the chances of conceiving, will bring you together, and will give pleasure. And a good mood, as you know, is always helpful, and sperm is no exception!

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