How and When Can I Find Out My Baby’s Sex?

How and When Can I Find Out My Baby's Sex


How Early Can You Tell the Sex of the Baby?

Pregnant women want to know the sex of their future child as early as possible. The procedure of ultrasound gives this possibility to a woman. Of course, the primary task of each ultrasound is a fetal state diagnosis, identification of malformations, and in parallel, in case of successful location, the sex of the fetus can be determined as well. Let's see, what signs of the baby's sex are determined by ultrasound, and at what month it is possible to reliably determine the sex of your baby during this type of investigation.

Typical Baby's Sexual Characters by Ultrasound

The ultrasound sensor detects the presence of vulvar lips of girls, as well as scrotum and penis of boys. The investigation of any part of the fetus depends on his position, the quantity of amniotic fluid, as well as on abdominal wall thickness of a pregnant woman. The quality of the equipment and the experience of an ultrasound specialist is also important.

How accurately is it possible to determine the sex of your future child during the first trimester of pregnancy? You should know that genital organs start to form about the sixth week of pregnancy, when a little mons, which is called genital eminence, is formed. Before the ninth week of pregnancy, the genitals of a boy and a girl look identical. There are no notable differences, because the small genital eminence and folds are surrounded by scrotal swelling monses outside.

Nuances of Diagnosis While Sex Determination

How Can I Find Out My Baby's Sex

Starting from the 11th week in boys:

  • genital eminence forms a penis, but its formation is not yet completed;
  • scrotum is formed from scrotal swelling menses;
  • at this time, testicles are located in the abdomen, and they descend into the scrotum.

At the age of 11 weeks, an ultrasonographer can only guess the sex of a baby, but the error is 50 %. External sexual characters can be defined exactly 5-6 weeks later after the formation of the genitals.

No matter how great your desire is, sex determination of a child at the first ultrasound, which is held at 12th-13th week, is not possible. The sex determination of your child can take place starting from the 15th week, but even at this term, it is still not possible to accurately discern any sex characters; and here's why.

  • Swelling of vulvar lips, which happens in a girl in early stages, is mistaken for male sexual organ.
  • Loops of cord or fingers of hands can be erroneously mistaken for a penis.
  • Very often impacted fetus feet hide the men's genitals, and the boy is mistaken for a girl.

However, advanced ultrasonographers can more accurately determine the sex of your baby on the 14th week, measuring the angle that is formed between a genital eminence and a back of the fetus. The genital eminence of boys forms an angle of 300 or more, while the one of girls has an angle of less than 300.

Timeframe for a Reliable Sex Determination of Babies

Do you want to know to whom you are going to give birth: to a boy or a girl? To do this, it is better to visit a specialist not earlier than on the 18th-19th week of pregnancy. It is believed that boys are defined easier at this period, and one can define a girl not earlier than on the 20th-25th week of pregnancy.

The optimal period to determine the sex of your child is the 20th-24th week of pregnancy. At this time, sex differences are clearly distinctive, your fetus is mobile, so it is likely that during an ultrasound, he will take the desired position and his sexual identity will be clearly visible.

How Early Can I Know if My Baby is a Boy or a Girl?

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