Home Remedies for Teething Babies

Home Remedies for Teething Babies


Natural Home Remedies for Teething Babies

Teething in childhood and later in life brings many problems. There are no medications to make this process completely painless. But there are many popular methods that are able to quickly alleviate general state, eliminate pain and sickness, and relieve the intense itching. The following means can help children during their first teething.

Handy Home Remedies

During teething, it is important not to panic and remember that it is a natural process for the body. You just need to be patient and endure unpleasant time using various improvised means.

In order to somehow ease the condition, especially if you cannot, for one reason or another, take painkillers, you can use the following methods:

  • Cool fruits and vegetables. This is an excellent tool for massaging gums. Many centuries ago, it was used by adults for themselves and to help children, when there were no special toys. It is enough just to take small pieces of carrot or Apple and hold them between your gums. Fruits and vegetables are not only massaging the gums but also effectively cooling them. Crumbs are not really suitable for this because they can injure your gums.
  • Cool pieces of teeth cloth soaked in clean chilled water. You can also use a soft toothbrush. This is an excellent tool to alleviate pain for both adults and children.

For Pain Relief

baby teething pain home remedies

You can very quickly and effectively defeat the pain and discomfort during teething using different folk remedies. All of them are easy, affordable, and convenient in application.

Here are the most popular means of folk treatment that help to eliminate unpleasant symptoms during teething:

  • Soothing warm tea. It can be taken by both adults and kids. Properly cooked tea has a pronounced sedative effect, and also greatly eases the pain. To cook this tea, you need to take melissa, chamomile, lavender and catnip in equal quantities. Pour a glass of boiled water over a tablespoon of mixture and let infuse for 15 minutes. Take in the drink after straining. The advantage of this tea is that it can be taken in any quantities because its composition is classified as safe;
  • Clove oil. This product is characterized by unique analgesic effect, that reduces inflammation in the gums. Pure oil may slightly scald your gums, therefore, before applying the oil, you need to dilute it in the proportion 1.5:1. Dilute the product not with water, but with almond oil or olive oil;
  • Chamomile. This plant provides ideal analgesic and sedative effect. A more concentrated formula can be rubbed into the gums, and, when diluted, it is a great drink, safe even for children;
  • Valerian root. It has a calming effect. Valerian root can be taken by adults because during cooking it is digested on brandy. To prepare the solution, crush the 30 grams of valerian root to a fine powder and then pour half a glass of brandy. The product is infused within three days, and then you can lubricate gums with it. This is an ideal remedy to eliminate itching and mild pain;
  • The roots of chicory or wild strawberry. Children can safely chew these roots in order to quickly get rid of the pain and irritating itching;
  • Sage. During teething, children can use weak sage broth. It can be simply rubbed into the gums, thus not only eliminating all the unpleasant sensations but also strengthening the gums and teeth. Broth can be added in the tub when bathing for a highly sedative action;
  • Herbal tea based on melissa, lavender, chamomile, cowslip, and Nepeta. A spoon mixture is poured into a glass of boiled water and infused for 30 minutes. This tea can completely replace water for the child. Your baby after taking will not act up and cry after taking it;
  • You can also treat gums with the composition of chamomile, chickweed and burdock roots. Plants should be infused with water. This remedy can be also used by adults;
  • Propolis. Propolis is ideal for both adults and children. For the preparation of this useful therapeutic remedy, you need to dilute the substance with a small amount of water. You can not only apply the remedy to your gums but also ingest it;
  • It is also helpful to lubricate the gums with honey, just make sure you are not allergic to this product.

To achieve the lasting positive effect, you should also follow several simple rules that will facilitate your overall condition. Your head should be uplifted during sleep. This will divert blood away from your gums, and they will bother you much less. It is also worth finding something that will effectively distract from pain during this difficult period. For kids, it might be an interesting toy, book or cartoon.

Massage of the Gums

From time to time, you should massage your gums with your clean hands. An adult can do himself, while a baby will need help – massage baby’s gums with your finger. This is an ideal opportunity to facilitate not only the overall condition but also to considerably accelerate the process of teething. You can also try special toys for children with a cooling effect.

Massage of the gums can be compared on the efficiency with the application of special medicinal drugs to the teeth. It is coping with the pain and helps teeth to come through faster. It is important to do it very carefully and without pushing, make sure you are not injuring your gums. Hands must be sterile because otherwise there is a risk to face serious infectious complications.

Your should start massaging the area as much as possible away from the cutting tooth, gradually approaching the epicenter of pain. Massage should take about 20 minutes.

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