Color of Urine During Pregnancy

Color of Urine During Pregnancy


Pregnancy Pee Color

Pregnancy is a peak period for a female organism. During pregnancy, a woman works for two, ensuring the livelihood of herself and the needs of the growing baby. Therefore, she should start taking care of herself from the very first months of pregnancy. The simplest and the most objective method of evaluation is urine test taken in the laboratory. But one parameter a woman is able to assess independently – the color of her urine.

Urine color should be yellow, but its intensity may vary depending on:

  • concentration;
  • the amount of pigments (bilirubin, urobilin, and urochrome);
  • diet;
  • functioning of the urinary system.

Urine color during pregnancy can tell a lot about the state of both mother and child. You'll learn whether urine color changes during pregnancy, and what any of those changes means.

What Color is Your Pee During Early Pregnancy

Normal urine color during pregnancy in the early stages should not be unusual or different from the normal color. All shades of yellow can alternately change within one day, from light straw tones to dark yellow ones. Toxemia and vomiting may cause unnaturally dark urine, which is a sign of dehydration. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about toxemia, that is average for pregnancy, but you should definitely fill the lack of water, drinking a sufficient amount of fresh and pure liquid.

Why Does the Urine Color Change During Pregnancy?

The color of urine during pregnancy will depend on many factors.

Bright Yellow

Taking medications and vitamins can make urine color bright. For the normal development of the fetus doctors often prescribe a course of folic acid to pregnant women, as well as a specially formulated vitamin complexes. These drugs are not digested by the body – kidneys fully get them out of the system. Therefore, urine becomes of saturated color.

Does urine color change during pregnancy? Yes. Even if a woman feels goods, the shade of her urine may be influenced, for example, with her diet. For instance, carrot and its juice, as well as nitrofuran, may cause intense urine color. Eating foods with food dyes may change the color of the fluid, discharged from the kidneys.

Bright yellow urine in pregnant women can be due to the poor fluid intake.


When your body lose fluids, your urine becomes saturated and dark. This may be caused by poor liquid intake or excessive sweating in the heat in case of the normal water consumption. In the early stages of pregnancy, dehydration may be caused by vomiting and toxemia. Gestosis before labor increase the concentration of the urine. These conditions are characterized by the formation of edema and dehydration.


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