Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

can you only get pregnant during your period


Can a Woman Become Pregnant During Her Period?

For many women, pregnancy is a long-awaited event. Representatives of the fair sex sometimes assume that getting pregnant during their periods is impossible. However, this is not the case. To understand the answer to this question, you should gain insight into the physiological processes in your body.

When Can You Get Pregnant During Menstruation?

Pregnancy is possible in cases, when ovulation coincides with a copulation that leads to the meeting of a sperm with an ovum. In the case of normal menstrual cycle, the maturation and release of an ovum more often takes place in the middle of the cycle. Therefore, it is considered that in this period you should particularly practice safe sex.

Your basal temperature usually helps to confirm an ovulation. It is measured in the rectum during the early morning hours. Healthy women with a stable endocrine profile can use these contraceptive methods to significantly reduce any probability of pregnancy.

However, there are always some limitations. Even healthy women can have stress, cold-related diseases or climate change (a holiday, a business trip) during their periods. This greatly affects the formation of hormones both in the pituitary gland and in ovaries. Therefore, sometimes shifting of an ovulation happens, and it starts at a different time.

If an ovum came out just before your period, fertilization can occur at the time of menstruation. Therefore, your doctor will never be able to specifically answer the question, if it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation. In case of unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, it can be possible.

What is the Probability of Pregnancy During Your Period?

Of course, the likelihood of pregnancy, if an intercourse takes place during menstruation, is minimal. It is especially uncommon in women without hormonal problems and a regular menstrual cycle. But at the same time, if there are hormonal disruptions such a situation becomes more likely.

Of course, if we look at the statistics, the occurrence of pregnancy during menstruation will take a few per cent. However, do not forget that getting into this small percentage is much easier than it seems at first glance. So, if there is a desire to have sex in "critical days", then you should use a barrier contraceptive with rack system. Besides, it will be more hygienic.

It should be noted that getting pregnant due to a sex in the first days of your period is practically impossible. This period is characterized by a critical decline in the level of all sex hormones with exclusion of the endometrium. Because the discharge is abundant, sperm cannot penetrate the fallopian tubes. And even if conception occurs, the ovum will not be able to attach somewhere, as the endometrium is updated almost completely. Although, if the question about any possibility to get pregnant during menstruation, is still burning, you should consult your gynecologist.

In What Situations is the Pregnancy During Menstruation Possible?

during your period can you get pregnant

Normally, after the release of an ovum from the ovary, it remains viable 24 hours. Therefore, if there is no any sexual intercourse during 24 hours, the pregnancy is unlikely. However, another coincidence can also happen.

If your sexual partner has no problems with reproductive system, his sperm can remain up to 3-6 days in your fallopian tubes. As a result, sometimes the pregnancy is due to the sexual intercourse, which preceded the ovulation for a few days. A girl thinks she got pregnant during menstruation, but actually, the ovulation was later, but the sperm came into the female tract during menstruation.

If we consider the possibility of pregnancy during menstruation, then we should talk about late ovulation; and you have hormonal problems. As a result, menstruation-like hemorrhage and ovulation occurred simultaneously. But it is a rare case. Another reason is more common: a girl has a very long period, and her cycle is short. As a result, sex happens in the last days of the monthly flux, but due to the small cycle, ovulation takes place during these days. Therefore, to become pregnant while menstruating is a high probability.

Sometimes, a girl thinks that pregnancy begun due to sexual intercourse during menstruation, due to the fact that there was no other sex in her subsequent period. But actually, the following thing occurs: her pregnancy began in the middle of the previous cycle, as it happens in normal cases. But due to some hormonal problems, her monthly flux started (sometimes it happens). The pregnancy was not interrupted, but continued to develop further. As a result, the girl is confident that she got pregnant in the days of her period, because sexual contact was only during those days.

Is it Worth Having Sex During Menstruation?

Some women claim that during "critical days" they experience a rush of sexual desire. Maybe, it is specific for someone, but most of the girls are guided by other incentives: you cannot protect yourself, since becoming pregnant is almost not real. But this should not justify sex during menstruation, because it might harm the girl.

Bacteria penetrate the cavity of the uterus during menstruation much easier, as the cervix opens slightly. And blood is the most favorable sphere for their reproduction. So, don't risk your health for the sake of a dubious pleasure.

Of course, each woman decides whether to discontinue her sex life for the period of menstruation. Some say that this is physiological, others argue that it is not hygienic. It all depends on the perception of a woman and her ability to protect herself. For example, if she takes hormonal contraceptives, then having sex during the days of monthly flux makes no sense. After all, she will have safe sex throughout her menstrual cycle.

Can I Get Pregnant on My Period?

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