Baby Growth Chart

Baby Growth Chart


Growth Spurt in Babies

The most important developmental milestones in babies are weight gain and height growth. A nurse or doctor checks these parameters, including the chest and head circumference, and puts them down into the medical record of the baby.

So What Other Information Goes Into the Medical Records of the Baby?

  • Gender;
  • Baby’s birth weight and height;
  • Genetic inheritance: father’s and mother’s weight and height;
  • Medical history: previous colds, gastrointestinal infections, dehydration, teething and loss of appetite;
  • Developmental disorders, congenital pathologies and chromosome abnormalities;
  • Social conditions;
  • Breastfeeding or formula feeding.

A preterm or low birth weight baby will have delays in weight gain and height growth. Every 10 grams of weight gain or 1 mm of height, makes the low birth weight babies’ moms very happy.

Baby Development Milestones 0-1 Year

baby growth stages

  • Average baby birth weight – from 3.2 kilograms to 3.7 kilograms;
  • Baby may have a normal birth weight but don’t gain weight during the first week or even loose some weight during the first days of life;
  • Monthly baby weight gain during the first year: 1-3 months – approx. 750 grams, 4-6 months – 700 grams, 7-9 months – 550 grams, 10-12 – 350 grams;
  • Formula fed babies gain weight faster;
  • Baby’s height spectrum is influenced by weight gain, gender and general development;
  • Monthly baby growth during the first year: 1-3 months – 3.5 centimeters, 3-6 months – 2.5 centimeters, 6-9 – 1.5-2 centimeters, 9-12 months – 1 centimeter every month;
  • During the first few months, babies grow intensively, then the growth slows down gradually by the end of the first year;
  • Normal toddler weight at the end of the first year is 8.9-9.6 kilograms;
  • Average toddler height at the end of the first year is 74-76 centimeters;
  • During the first year a baby can increase the height by 20-25 centimeters, making it the most intense height growth year in the life.

Weight and Height in Children 1-10 Years

baby girl and boy growth chart

What is the best weight and height growth ratio at this period? Just like in baby development, genetic inheritance, previous diseases and congenital pathologies are key factors. Though additional factors such as diet plan, life style, and individual metabolic rate are also important. The weight to height ratio is also very important.

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