Air Travel With Baby

Air Travel With Baby


Babies and Air Travel

Air travel is one of safest and most comfortable methods of travel. However, there are parents who fear to go on air travel with children since they find them inconvenient and complicated. That’s wrong opinion! We have picked up some tips on air trip arrangements with kids not bothering the surrounding and enjoying the time. Our tips will help you find air travels wonderful, safe and enjoyable for kids!

Air Travel With Baby Tips

What to bring on the board? You need to make sure that your baby is fine during the flight. Arrange the staff so that your baby is full, not bored, not scared or uncomfortable. Make a list of things beforehand to take on the board, or take advantage of our tips.

  • Clothes. All the clothes should be light, comfortable with no grazing seams. The shoes should be easy to put on and off. Think of the clothes in view of the temperature on the board (too hot or too cold). Remember to take spare clothes for your child and a T-shirt for yourself.
  • Food. A range of airlines have the children’s menu included in the flight meal. Make sure you mentioned that when ordering a flight. Anyway, you’d better take some food on you like fruits, candy or pastry.
  • New toys. Think of buying a new toy for your baby in advance and take it with you. Your child may get busy with the new staff for longer during the flight time.
  • Gadgets. Even if you do not support spending lots of time at computer games, take your pad on the board with games, a DVD player with cartoons or you may want to allow your child watch TV on the board.
  • Wet tissues. The tissues are always helpful to cope with spills or any wet points.
  • A scarf and pins. If you pin the scarf ends to the seat backs, you may isolate yourself from other passengers to help your child sleep easier.
  • Medicine. The board of any plane is the crowded place and your child may easily catch some virus or bacteria to be inconvenient during the long trip or afterwards. Take a hand first aid kit with some antipyretic (fever reducing agents), anti-histamine drugs and other pharmaceuticals that may be necessary for the flight time.

Air Travel With 2 Month Old Baby

air travel with 2 month old baby

some parents are afraid to take an air trip with small babies. However, don’t be afraid of that: people try and enjoy it. Parents who travel a lot with children state that air travel with suckling are far more convenient and comfortable than with kids aged 3 to 4. Most air companies are willing to allow newborn on their boards at 8 to 10 days of birth. The authorities may require a medical permit for a little traveler to travel by air, so, be ready for that and take measures.

How to Order a Cradle

Little babies are not required a separate set: they travel on their parent’s knees. The parents are assumed to be offered clip-on belts to fasten a baby on their hands. Sure, babies do not like to be fastened like that. You may also like to use a common carrier or a sling. Your baby may sleep comfortably during the entire flight in it. Remember that you need to order for baby cradles beforehand in some certain air companies. Also bear in mind to check whether an airline allows taking your own child seat on the board. Specify any additional requirement to such seats.

Baby Carriage

Airlines usually permit taking baby carriages on board even if the luggage registration is not rated. Register your luggage or hand it over to stewards when boarding. In the second case, you will have your carriage back when arrive to the destination point. The carriage is not rated, but make sure to clarify whether there are any requirement to the carriage dimensions and weight.

Ear Problems

Little children often cry and complain on ear pain during the take-off and landing due to the pressure fluctuation. To avoid this uncomfortable feeling, you may want to breastfeed, or give your child some water or juice. Elder children may use cups or toddler sippy cups or suck lollipops.

Board Meal

Parents should not get worried about drinks even if the drink volume is restricted to take on board. You make take bottles with breast milk, children formula, water, juice or dried fruit drink on the board. Be careful to check that the meal is enough for the length of flight. Avoid taking extra food. Keep the meal for children separately and warn on that when checked at the airport.

Video: 10 Tips for Airline Travel with Baby

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