9 Months Old Baby Feeding

9 Months Old Baby Feeding


What to Feed a 9 Month Old Baby

A 9-month-old baby is still breastfed, though milk is no longer his/her main food. Go on introducing new food.

Gradually introduce fish into the baby’s diet. You’d better start with boiled low-fat ocean fish (hake, pollock, cod) or river fish (sander, carp). Sander is a perfect option. For the first time it is advisable to cook fish yourself. Before cooking, wash it in running water, but don’t soak for few hours in water. Part of protein and mineral salts washes away while soaking.

9 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule

feeding schedule for 9 month old baby

Once you have thoroughly washed the fish, dry it with a towel, separate the flesh from skin and bones. Check the fillet for small bones. To cook a tender fish, put it in already boiling water. When you put meat in the boiling water, proteins coagulate and create a film on its surface intended to preserve mineral salts, juice and other useful substances. Mince the finished fillet before serving it to the baby.

You can make a broth with the fish’s head and skin. If you don’t want to deal with the whole fish, buy fish fillet. But don't forget to check it for small bones.

You can also buy canned fish for children. These are meat and fish canned products specially intended for children. They are both fish and combined with vegetables, cereals, vegetable oil. You can chose between fish fillet with potatoes, carrots, greens, onions, tomatoes, buckwheat, rice, semolina. However, to introduce fish in the baby’s diet, you’d better opt for genuine fish fillet.

It’s strictly prohibited to give a baby under one yo conventional fish cans. Firstly, they contain many additives, seasonings and conservators, that may cause indigestion in your baby. In addition, such cans often feature fish with bones.

Never give a baby under one yo conventional fish cans, no matter how thoroughly you’ve managed to mince them. They include many spices and conservators that might trigger indigestion in the baby.

You should gradually introduce fish in the baby’s diet, as well as all of the mentioned above products. Start with smaller portions.

Remove all the things that may distract the baby during the meal. It is advisable to feed the baby from his/her personal utensils, give him/her into the hand the spoon and tie a bib. Be prepared to get stained with the food. It is a normal learning process.

The baby should drink out of his/her mug. You’d better start with a sippy cup with a special cap that will prevent the baby from choking. However, don’t pour a lot of liquids in the baby’s mug and never leave alone your baby with foods and drinks.

As, for breastfeeding, leave it for the morning (once the baby gets up) and for the evening before sleep. You can also leave some milk for a nigh feeding necessary mostly to calm the baby rather then to feed him/her. However, such things are strictly individual.

During the ninth month, the baby should gain 450 g in weight and 1.5 cm in length.

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