8 Months Old Baby Feeding

8 Months Old Baby Feeding


How Often Should 8 Week Old Baby Feed

8-month old babies still need breastfeeding. Solid foods can substitute all meals during the day, but keep breastfeeding either as a complimentary feeding or as a morning or evening meal of the day.

Babies at this age can eat multigrain and fruit cereals. You can prepare the cereal with water, cow milk or baby formula. You can also add some fruit puree or a bit of sugar.

8 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule

baby feeding schedule 8 months

Babies can eat a meat broth or a cream soup with meat-broth base, which is easy to make. Add a hot broth to finely chopped potatoes; add a few pieces of carrot, onions and some green herbs. Cook it till it’s ready. Add a pinch of salt and some vegetable oil or butter. At this baby’s age you don’t have to use blender, just mash it with a fork. Though, make sure no large pieces are left, because at 8 months babies don’t have enough teeth to chew large food pieces.

Typically at 8 months your baby is introduced to meat, now you need to increase a daily boiled meat intake. Meat contains essential amino acids, animal protein, fat, mineral salts, and vitamins. You can add meat to both cereals (cooked on water) or vegetable purees.

Try to choose lean meats such as chicken, turkey, veal or beef. If your child is prone to allergic reactions introduce chicken meat with care, as it’s a highly allergic product. Despite that fact, poultry meat contains the greatest number of unsaturated fatty acids that are essential for baby’s growth.

Cottage cheese and kefir that were introduced earlier should still be on the baby’s menu. It should preferably be homemade or from the infant-feeding center.

You can opt to use manufactured baby cereal that just needs adding boiling water, baby food jars (both vegetable and fruit), and baby meat jars. Once a baby food jar is opened, it must be stored in the fridge no more than 24 hours.

Babies start teething around this period. Their gums become extremely itchy. You can give your baby a piece of dry bread or a cracker to chew on. This way you not only slowly introduce bread to the baby, but also give them a nice treat to relief their distress.

The difference between a breastfed baby and a formula fed baby gradually vanishes during this period.

Always wash your baby’s hands before eating, eat soup from a bowl and porridge from a second course plate, and use a little mug for juices.

A baby should gain about 500 grams and grow 1.5 centimeters during the 8th month of its life.

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