7 Months Old Baby Feeding

7 Months Old Baby Feeding


Feeding Schedule for 7 Month Old Baby

There are all kinds of food stuffs, which become more and more diverse, in the diet of the seven-month-old child. Cheese, meat and fish puree, bread, crackers and cookies are introduced gradually. Before introducing a new product, always pay attention to the well-being of the child, an increase in weight, appetite, allergic reactions, the propensity to posseting, bloating.

Do not take the complementary feeding chart for the only correct standard. It must be adapted to the individual characteristics of the child. However, your breast milk should remain the main ingredient of your baby food. As by the seventh month, the child sits readily enough, feed him only in the seat and in the kitchen. For convenience, it is better to purchase a baby`s highchair.

What to Feed My Baby at 7 Months

what to feed my 7 month old baby

Every time, cook fresh dish for your kid. Before giving it to the child, try the temperature, stir the food to cool it evenly.

If a kid doesn't want to eat, do not feed him forcefully. Perhaps he's not hungry, maybe food is too hot or cold, he may simply dislike the taste. This time, feed the child with breast milk, but find out why the child refused to eat.

Feed your baby with a spoon. Give another spoon to your child to provoke his interest. Let him try on his own. Face up the fact that a part of the meal will be on the floor, on the walls, even on your head. But this is a learning process.

Milk-cereal porridges can be introduced into the nutrition of a seven-month-old child. Almost all cereals are rich in vegetable proteins, starches, cellulose, vitamins and minerals. You should cook a not very sticky porridge of a medium consistency.

While choosing the first porridge, consider the following factors: rice has most of the starch, buckwheat contains the largest quantity of vitamins and iron. These two types of cereals do not contain gluten. Later, you can introduce an oatmeal and semolina porridge.

As with the introduction of any other kinds of food, only single-cereal porridges are introduced first.

If a child has an allergic reaction to cow's or goat's milk, you can cook a porridge on water, diluting it afterwards with breast milk or infant formula.

You can also add some meat to the already known vegetable puree. First, take the young veal or rabbit meat and boil it until cooked. The boiled meat should be minced, slightly diluted with broth and given to your baby to taste. Once the meat is firmly included in the ration, it can be mixed with vegetable puree.

You can also habituate your child to the taste of kefir and pre-packed curds' products. Both products can be taken on a dairy kitchen, but you can prepare it yourself. Take your kids` kefir and warm it in a water bath until you notice some cottage cheese on its top. Decant it through a cheesecloth and let your child taste it. You can dilute it with breast milk.

To conclude. At the age of seven months, your baby can eat the following: fruit juices, fruit and vegetable purees, milk or non-milk cereals vegetable oil and butter, egg yolk, meat.

In this month, a mother can have another lactation episode. Do not worry and try to recover lactation as soon as possible. To do this, fit all the same recommendations that you had during the lactation episode at the age of 3 months of your baby.

During the seventh month of life, your baby adds 550 g of weight and 2 cm of height.

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