5 Month Old Baby

5 Month Old Baby


Five Month Old Baby’s Development

At this age, your baby starts to eat new dishes and foods. For example, berries, porridges and vegetable puree. He/she makes an attempt to sit down and tries to take some toys away from you. Probably, he/she’ll also try to go on his/her hands and knees!

Height and Weight at 5 Month Old Baby

During the 5th month of his/her life, a baby gains 700 g. and becomes 2 cm higher.

What Can a 5 Month Old Baby Do?

  • turn over from his/her back to belly;
  • kind of “swim” for a long time while on the belly and raising hands and legs simultaneously;
  • laugh loudly and “chirp” when being happy;
  • grab a toy if you keep it somewhere on the level of a baby’s chest;
  • take ankle socks easily off;
  • assess the distance to the object a baby is interested in;
  • eat foods that you provide a baby with using a spoon.

The Development at 5 Month Old Baby

At this age, a baby likes to spend time on a mat for infants. A baby likes to lie on his/her belly, while leaning on his/her stretched out arms. This way a baby can see batter what’s going on around him/her. A baby is able to keep himself/herself busy with something for half an hour.

A baby likes to “speak” very much. He/she has already understood that parents will always react to any of his/her “commands” and come to him/her in order to fulfill all the wishes. Besides, a baby likes “to play” with his/her voice. He/she kind of cries, sings and changes the pitch of the voice all the time.

This is the time when a baby starts to move more. The thing is that by the beginning of the 5th month his/her muscle tonus of the hands and legs has become normal. Now, your baby is able to keep the movements of hands and legs under control in a better way. Your baby can move freely. He/she is able to achieve his/her movements. For example, he/she can take a toy from your hands.

Actually, it may seem to you that it’s quite easy to do it. The truth is that your baby has only recently learnt to do it. He/she can hold an object he/she is interested in in his/her hands for long. Besides, he/she can put it from one hand to the other, observe it for a long time and try to put it in his/her mouth.

When a baby takes a toy in his/her mouth, he/she learns a lot about it. this is one of the ways for him/her to discover the world around him/her. That’s why you shouldn’t forbid your baby to gnaw toys. You only need to check that the toys are clean.

The Eyesight at 5 Month Old Baby

5 month old baby milestones

Your baby is able to focus his/her attention on an object for 10-15 minutes. You should know that it was a bit different before. Earlier, your baby focused his/her attention only on something that caught his/her eye. For example, a bright, soft bear. Now, your baby knowingly chooses an object he/she will observe.

You may train your baby a bit and teach him/her to focus his/her attention on something for a longer period of time. The training is quite simple and easy. Put your baby on the belly. Start to roll a ball on the distance of 70 cm from his/her eyes. Your baby will watch the ball attentively and turn his/her head in the direction of the object.

Going for a Walk With at 5 Month Old Baby

A 5-month-old baby should spend at least 2-3 hours a day breathing in fresh air. It’s better to go for a walk with him/her 2 or 3 times per day. Your baby is very much interested in what’s going on around him/her. It’s more interesting for you to go for a walk with him/her. You need to carry your baby in a shoulder cloth from time to time instead of using a baby carriage. This way you’ll be able to bring your baby closer to some trees, let him/her touch the bark of a tree and its branches, let him see animals and birds in the streets in a better way and show him/her bright signs.

If the weather is warm and sunny, you can take your baby out for a picnic. Take foods, a book and an IPod with you and go to the nearest park. A baby’s organism needs ultraviolet as well. However, remember that there should be moderation in all things.

You shouldn’t take your baby with you to the beach until he/she turns 6 months old. Even if your baby stays in the shadow of a tree crown during a sunny day, you shouldn’t undress him/her completely.

It is necessary to go for a walk with your baby even if the weather is cold. You need to take your baby out of his/her baby carriage and let him enjoy the sun that shines not so often during winter. Puddles, wet leaves and rain – all these will be interesting for your baby. Do not miss out on the opportunity to show your baby all the seasons of a year.

Exercises at 5 Month Old Baby


Your baby should lie on the back. Take him/her by the lower legs so that your fingers are on top. Carefully, bend his/her legs. Bend and unbend them in turns as if your baby is cycling. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times.

Easy Steps

Put your baby on his/her back with his/her legs towards you. Carefully, take him/her by the ankles. Pull the ankles towards you in turns so that the feet of your baby slide along the surface. Once a leg is completely stretched out, bring it back to its half-bent state. repeat the exercise 4-6 times.

How to Teach a Baby to Crawl

You need to encourage your baby in his/her desire to crawl. In order to do it, you need to do the following exercise. Put your baby on the belly. Put several bright toys on a small distance from him/her. It’ll be great if your baby manages to take the toys 4-5 times during the time you do the exercise. It won’t take much time for him/her to learn to crawl.

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