4 Months Old Baby Feeding

4 Months Old Baby Feeding


4 Month Old Formula Fed Baby Schedule

In nutrition of a 4 months child the breast milk still remains the main food. The baby still needs to be fed on demand, but not less than six times a day. Lactation crisis is over, the quantity of milk must be sufficient to ensure that the baby eats up. If you still have problems with the amount of milk and are unable to strain - use the breast pump.

Before purchasing a breast pump, determine what type you want-manual, mechanical or electric. View the models and read reviews. Talk to other mothers who have used breast pump. There is a possibility to buy the device, which was in use. Every detail, even of the new breast pump, must be sterilized. When buying a breast pump, make sure that the kit includes all the necessary details and that all works properly. You can also buy additional bottles for storing milk.

Baby Feeding Guide 4 Months Schedule

4 month baby feeding guide

With the breastfeeding, the opinion on the introduction of the baby to a mixed feeding is unmistakable-only breastfeeding up to 6 months. But if a child is bottle-fed-when introduce him first to mixed foods?

Some pediatricians advise in a 4 months child nutrition introduce mixed foods. You should not give him mixed foods when a baby has allergic manifestations, you're going to make the vaccination or has just vaccinated him, or he has the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Even if these contraindications are absent, consult your pediatrician before you add anything to the child's diet.

For the first mixed diet fruit and berry juices would do. The first to introduce is apple juice. The first time you can give a few drops of freshly squeezed juice. Then watch for the well-being of the child, for the purity of his skin (if there are any allergic rashes), the nature and frequency of stool.

If no changes have occurred, you can continue to introduce mixed diet, increasing next time the portion on a few drops. So for several months of gradual introduction of mixed diet, you can increase the amount of juice in one intake up to 30 ml (or six teaspoons). Do not use the juices left over from the previous feeding. You can start giving the juices bought in the store, and intended for feeding of a 4 month baby. It is not worth giving your baby daily juice intake in one feeding, it is better to split it into several ones. You can alternate different juices, but never mix.

To prepare the juices yourself is very easy even without juicers, so much so that to obtain the desired amount of juice the use of juicer is impractical. You take, for example, an apple, finely grate it, wrap it in sterile piece of gauze or a bandage and squeeze drop by drop directly in a teaspoon. Do not introduce the mixed food with a suckling bottle! Feed the baby with a spoon. If the portion is already big enough - buy a drinking bowl.

In a day, complying with the rules of introduction of mixed foods, for the first month, you can give your child up to 30 ml of juice per day. It is desirable to give the juices without pulp, because the gastrointestinal tract of a child is very sensitive. Be careful with the introduction of mixed food in nutrition of 4 month babies.

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