41 Weeks Pregnant

41 Weeks Pregnant


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41 weeks of pregnancy how many months? This is the tenth month or the third trimester.

What to Expect at 41 Weeks Pregnant

The skin of the child has fully cleansed of the protective vernix, only the most delicate areas such as the armpits and pelvic area are still covered with the vernix. The internal organs function as the adults’ organs. The baby puts on 30 grams (1 ounce) every day as his fat tissues are constantly growing. Over time, the placenta weakens and the mother’s blood can be mixed to the baby’s blood. This is favorable for the baby’s immune system, as it is growing stronger.

The hair is constantly growing, which means that a child born between the 41 and the 42 weeks will have long hair. Because the baby is almost motionless, the mother may panic and think that something has gone wrong. It’s normal, as the baby has no place to move actively.

The woman should get ready for the maternity hospital. Pack all the necessary things, discuss all the details with your loved ones and learn more about staying at the maternity hospital. You also need to master the breathing technique, which is used during the birth. Don’t be afraid, it’s normal to bear the baby for 41 weeks, especially for the first pregnancy.

Make an ultrasound scan, an aging placenta may be not providing the baby with all the necessary for development and nutrition substances, that’s one of the reasons for such a long pregnancy. The doctor will support you and tell everything you need to know about the delivery. You might have mix feelings now as well as be frightened.

What is Happening With the Baby (Fetus)

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Being at the 41th week of pregnancy is likely to mean that the delivery term was miscalculated. Only a small percentage of women give birth on the date appointed by the doctor. However, at the 41th week the baby is fully prepared to see the light. His organs are already formed and function normally.

The stomach is ready to digest food, the lungs are looking forward for the first portion of air, and all other organs are functioning perfectly. The nervous system is still under development, but it will be totally formed only after the baby’s birth. The fetus at the latter stages of pregnancy looks exactly like a newborn baby. The accumulated fat makes the baby’s skin smooth and pink.

The lanugo hair has disappeared, but the vernix still covers the skin folds. Nails and hair are actively growing. Long nails in the newborn baby are quite common. You need to cut them in order to prevent the baby from scratching himself. At the 41th week, the baby is less active, and the movements have weakened, but there should be 10 kicks in half an hour. The baby is constantly growing and putting on weight. Born at the 41th week, the baby may weigh more than 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) and be more than 52cm (20 inches) long.

As the baby has lowered and is putting pressure on the bottom of the belly, you may experience pains in the perineum, back and legs as well as find it difficult to walk. These symptoms and signs are harbingers of birth. To be born, the baby takes the necessary position. The function of the placenta at the 41th week have slightly changed, it cannot fully supply the baby with all the necessary substances.

Nevertheless, there exceptional cases, when the placenta provides the baby with all the necessary up to the labor. There are no reasons to be worried; the baby born at the 42nd week is not considered post term. Even more so, if the tests show that the pulse and utero-placental exchange are ok.

41 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

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41 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

What to Do at 41 Weeks Pregnancy

Once you have packed your bags and documents, informed your relatives, you’d better to rest. Once the baby born, you won’t have enough rest. You can walk around, eat something tasty, you may even have a glass of wine, as if you breastfeed, you choice of drinks and food will be limited. You may have sex with your husband, as after the birth it will be prohibited for some time. All the more so, the sex is likely to trigger the delivery. Speak to your baby, as he hears and understands you, may be you will talk him into come into the world.

You can devote the rest of the spare time to learning some useful information. You will detect the harbingers of birth if you listen carefully to your body. The belly has lowered and bloated, the heartburn has passed. However the pains in lumbus, legs and perineum have replaced it, it’s harder to sleep, in some cases appears insomnia. The mood is changeable; you don’t have appetite, or conversely, are constantly hungry. Frequent peeing is also the harbinger of birth, as the baby is pressing the bladder very hard. The discharge of the mucus plug, the breakage of waters, contractions are marking the beginning of the delivery. Always keep track of your discharge.

41 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

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Ultrasound at 41 Weeks Pregnant

The Plug and Discharge

If the plug discharges at the 41th week of pregnancy, it’s normal. It also marks the beginning of the delivery. In most cases, the plug comes out in parts, it looks like thick, whitish or yellowish mucous masses. The harbinger of birth is blood in the mucus plug. Immediately go to the hospital if after the mucus plug is discharged, and the bleeding has begun. If the plug has come out, it is no longer possible to have sex or take a bath, as there is a risk of infecting the baby. The plug discharge is not always visible, it may occur while peeing or the water breakage.

At the 41th week of pregnancy, it’s normal to have not only mucous discharge. For example, watery discharge means that the amniotic fluid leaks. The amniotic fluid may leak in small portions. They are bright and odorless. If the child is experiencing hypoxia, the fluid may contain meconium. Meconium is the first feces; it makes the fluid greenish or brownish. If you see this water color, go to the hospital immediately, otherwise the baby may swallow liquid, which will harm his health. If the waters flood and there is no blood discharge, it’s high time to go to the hospital.

Delivery at 41 Weeks Pregnancy

If 9 months are gone, but the baby has not still made up his mind to see the light, should I panic? The delivery is yet to come, that is all? The 42th week delivery is considered post-term, but still there is some time left. The delivery at the 41th week is the same as the 39th and 40th week delivery, it is term, and the baby is not post mature. Once the contractions start, you feel pain and load in the belly’s bottom, the contractions are growing stronger, and the time to give birth has come. When the interval between contractions will be about 10 minutes, you should go to the hospital. Don't be nervous and don't panic. Every mother must go through it.

Focus on what is happening. The process and the result fully depend on your attitude. First of all, breathe properly. Rapid breathing won’t ease the pain. Don’t rush to breathe in when the contraction starts, breathe out when the pain is gone. Breathe slowly. During contractions you can stand, or walk up and down the ward, or sit on a special ball, performing circular movements with your pelvis. You cannot lie or sit, as roughly speaking, you sit on the head of your own child. Follow the instructions of the medical stuff and listen to your own feelings.

When you are told to push, apply all your forces to help your baby to move down the generic ways. You should listen to the medical stuff in order to avoid unpleasant delivery consequences, such as ruptures, which will bring you additional discomfort. In between the contractions and pushing, try to relax and gather forces for the following contractions and pushes. Think about your baby who will appear soon and remember that you do it for him. According to the scientific research, the pain experienced by the woman during the birth is equal to 57 del. although in general people can withstand only 45 del. This pain is compared to getting 20 bones fractured at a time. However, the woman who gives birth, feels it differently, the body provides her protection from pain shock.

Don't worry and don't be nervous more than you are able to withstand. Restore your forces during breaks to make the birth process pass quickly. It’s not worth crying, as when you cry you don’t breathe and it may harm the baby. After the breakage of water, the baby needs only oxygen and calm. The baby feels the same as his mom does. To make the birth processes go faster, and to make it as comfortable for the baby as possible, take care of the baby and your own state. After the head has appeared, it’s practically done, as the body will take less time to appear.

As soon as the baby makes it first breath and starts crying, it will be put to your breasts. It’s very important to put the baby to the breasts. They don’t secrete milk yet, but the first milk (colostrum) is the most essential product in the early days of the baby's life. Giving birth to a baby is accompanied with different inconveniences throughout the pregnancy as well during the delivery, however, the baby brings a lot of happiness and joy to his parents’ life. It is worth all pain and long and hazardous period of pregnancy. The woman forgets about all the inconveniences, when she holds her baby in the arms.

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Barbara says:

I have 41 weeks and 1 day. We wait for the boy, boys are known to be born later. Well we will wait for our long-awaited sonny.

Alesea says:

I have end of 41th week, tomorrow I will stay in clinic and I will lie before childbirth.

Briana says:

The 41st week has started and there are no signs of labor yet. We are waiting for a girl ^^

Faith sk says:

Still on the same boat ladies am 40+6 today no sign,waiting for my precious girl to arrive,I've been trying everything to get her out but nothing, so worried and scared of induction n Caesar, good luck everybody,thx for your advice

Eleni says:

Am 41 weeks not sign for labor am worried

Josline says:

Hi Eleni i am also 41weeks on the 6/4/17 waiting for my baby to come I was at the hospital everything is fine Monday will I go in and they will have gave me pain for her to be born...do not now what next...iets my sec baby

Lungile says:

Am 41weeks still no pain and they at the clinic I must came back for a referral letter to the hospital monday

Pretty says:

Im turning 41 2day no symptoms of labour

jaycee says:

I'm 41wks today and hoping my baby comes out naturally before my induction that's scheduled in 3 days time...I'm also experiencing no symptoms of labour T.T good luck to all the mamas!

supersexymum says:

I am 41 weeks gone. Having some sighns of labour, like discharge, but no blood or water breakage yet. Still waiting for my cute one to come.

Denolisa says:

I'm 41 weeks and 4 day's and my labour pains has started. I'm going in at 7 to check how far I've dilated . Good luck to the other mom's.

Nana says:

I'm 40+6 today. Still waiting for our boy. I have been having pelvic pain like the baby wants to Côme out. Hardly sleep and uncomfortable. I'm so scared and worried. What do i do?

c says:

I'm 40+ 4 today. But i'm having white discharge. Does it mean labour begins

Marie says:

41 weeks and 3 days pregnant and no sighs of labour will be going for an induction on Friday hope all goes well with me, good luck to me and to you who are going the same thing as me

K0radm01 says:

I'm at 41 Weeks + 4 days...no signs of labor but all our tests are good. I'm anxious but going to see the midwife today.

flora says:

i am 40 +5 but no signs of labour.But we are fine all test are good.we feel induction might set in.good luck yall all

thuli says:

41 weeks today mucus discharge last night but my water hasn't broke

Marvigies says:

Hi,mamys m 41 weeks pregnant no signs of labour getting worried.cant wait to hold my boy,gud luck

Valentina says:

Ill be 41 weeks tomorrow. No sign of pain im going to see my midwife tomorrow. Wish me luck

luchandre says:

I'm 41weeks 1day no labor pains yet still waiting they said I must go back on the 22January if little one hasn't come yet,I'm so excited but anxious as well

milka says:

Am 41 weeks the waiting is killing me the baby presses her head occasionally and I feel very mild pains ,just worried of when the real labour pains will start

Wendy says:

I'm 40 weeks n 5days. Experiencing pain on my bladder that last about 3 minutes and disappears. I don't have backache or blood coming out.

tope says:

Hi am 40 +3 preparing for induction on Monday,moms wish me well

Beee says:

I'm 41 weeks today ,experiencing pain on my bladder and my back

Rosegold says:

I am 41 weeks pregnant today. Small cramps. No sign of baby. But I should be fine. Just abit stressed as he is 1 week over due.

Lisa says:

I like to feel my baby inside!!!

Kelly says:

Am 41 weeks and 4 days,still no sign of labour pains am so stressed.

Dimpho says:

Am dinpho am 41 weeks today no sign of Labour and am wrrite i do not knw what to do plzz help

Gaone says:

Im 41 weeks 3days.. im experiencing little water coming out (on +off) but not yet experienced labour pains.. what shall I do?

reuszyda says:

Am 41weeks now and 4days experiencing little water coming out and pain on the lower stomach but does not last for long just about 3 to 4 minutes

NessaSauce says:

I'm 41 weeks and 4 days have been having contractions on & off big but still at home. I'm hoping our princess comes quickly. Wishing everyone a happy, safe and painless delivery!

Lexx says:

I'm 40 weeks 6 days and false labour pains are killing me .An gonna spent the whole day in pain but once i sleep at night all the pain will disappear. I don't know when the real labour pain can start .But I can feel my baby is fine .Lets pray ladies everything will be ok


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